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Girlfriend and her mom

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: My girlfriend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

So me and my girlfriend has been together for 7 months now, but we never did it before. One day her parents were at party, only me and my girlfriend were home. She was wearing silk flower shirt and long silk skirt and she smelled so good.
At first we were watching tv at her parent’s room, as usually there were only boring stuffs so I asked her could I lick her neck, she laughed and asked why you want to do that *showing her cute innocent face*, I couldnt resist that look and started to smell her hairs then smelling her neck and licking it. She was still a bit shy and just laughed why I was licking her neck. I then carried her up suddenly and started to kiss her all over the body (licking her tits the most).
Her giggling turned to be a little moaning and I started to lift her skirt up to touch her soft ass (and check if she weared panties and no she didnt). She then started to giggle again at very cute voice which made me very horny and I decided to let it a go.
I grabbed her ass and started to lick it alot, then fingering her pussy. When I just unzipped my pants and was ready to stick my dick in her ass we heard the sound of a door and realized someone came home. I dressed as fast as I could. And my girlfriend’s mother opened room’s door suddenly. She saw me without my shirt and my girlfriend was laying in bed, of course it looked suspicious.
She then rushed in looking very furious and serious and started scolding my girlfriend telling her to dress fast and telling me to go home right away.
At that time I was so horny that I didnt care much, I was just looking at my girlfriend’s mother’s huge tits. Dont get me wrong, I love my girlfriend, but at titties, her mum had it alot bigger. Also she was wearing ALOT shorter skirt than my girlfriend. She was wearing a black miniskirt and loose white shirt.
My girlfriend looked a bit worry, but I told her mum that we wanted to try doing it. She was surprised and told me that her daughter has totally no experience at these stuffs, my girlfriend said at small voice that she has saw some porn movies. My mum told her that you dont learn by porn movies, and said that she would show her how do please men.
Right after she said that, I was pretty speechless, but she started to undress her shirt (she still got her bras), and started touching my dick slowly then zipping off my pants. I couldnt resist that and started to grab her on and kissing her tits, she then undressed her skirt to halfway and started to bend with doggystyle. I sticked my dick without no doubt to her ass. Darm it felt good! She started to moan and scream like hell. I just kept fucking her behind like theres no tomorrow. She then stood up and started to give blowjob lessons, but she only sucked my dick for about 5 mins, cause she said that if I come up too much then I wouldnt have good time with my girlfriend. I was like “whatever” and enjoyed it, she then said she gotta go make food before her husband comes home and dressed up and was about to leave, but I hold her back for a bit, and continued to smell her breasts (she smelled even better than my girlfriend), and licking her neck and face. She was pushing me away and said she really gotta go.. I pushed her hard towards the table and unzipped her skirt (partly ripping it) and started to bang her ass so hard that she seemed to cry in enjoy I realized to release my dick before my sperm would go too much and jerked off all over her ass with two hands. She then ran to bathroom and I stayed there smelling her skirt.
When she came back she told me to take care of her daughter, she also said that I was too hurry that she forgot the most important thing before sex: Let the men smell your underwear or bra first before banging. I was licking her tits while she said it but she pushed me away and went off.
After that it was too late to fuck my girlfriend since her dad was almous home, I kissed her and went home.

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