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Girl Friend’s Mom

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Girl Friend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was in love with my high school girl friend but always lusted after her mother. My girl friend was gorgeous and we had played with each other to include oral and mutual masterbation but never had pentration. Her mom was 41, 5′ 4″ curves in all the right places and the most beautiful round breasts I could not keep my eyes off of. My girl friend’s parents moved out of state after graduation. I went to visit my girl friend for a week before Christmas. My girl friend was working at a mall during the days and we planned to party at night. That left me at home with her mother during the days. The first day I was there, Mrs. B and I went Christmas shopping. I was going to get my girlfriend a robe for Christmas so we went into Victoria Secrets to shop. I pointed out this sexy short see though nighty to Mrs. B and jokingly said I bet she would look great in that. She laughed and said thank you for the complement. While Mrs. B was looking around I told the sales lady to throw in the see through nighty with the robe. The next morning, I had my opportunity. We were talking over coffee in the kitchen. I told Mrs. B I bought her a gift yesterday and could not wait to give it to her. I went to get it. She opened the nighty, held it up to her shoulders and started laughing. I laughed too and said I did it for fun and I was going to take it back. I told her again it would really look great on her and she should try it on. She laughed and said she might try it on but for me to stay in the kitchen and don’t get any crazy ideas. I already had a full hard on. She returned with a robe on. I asked her if she tried it on and she said yes. I said let me see it. As she opened her robe, she said we will have some visual fun, but no touching. I agreed. WOW. Her tits were soooo erect and such beautiful mounds. I told her to remove the robe so I could have more visual fun. She did. I was sooo hot. I stood up and walked over to her. She said, remember no touching. I picked her up and sat her on the table. I said I will not touch you with my hands. I dropped to my knees, smiled at her, and moved my head between her legs to eat that wonderful pussy. She leaned back, spread her legs, and let me lick. She was sooo wet and her moans were getting louder the more I stroked her clit. As she started to peak, I stood up, pulled her nighty over her head, and started to take off my shirt in front of her. She said, we are not going to fuck. I said, fine. As I dropped my pants she let out an uncontrollable gasp. I was now nude and so was she. She was still sitting on the table and I moved toward her. I pushed her legs apart and said I wanted to kiss her. As I kissed her deeply, I moved my cock into position to enter her. As I moved just the head of my cock into her pussy, she began to have an orgasm and said again that she was not going to fuck me. As she continued to shake and moan from her orgasm, I placed my hands on her ass, and pushed myself fully into her. I was in heaven. She was so wet and her moans just drove me crazy. I began to thrust as hard as could into her. I knew I would not last long. She gasp harder, faster but do not to cum in me. No sooner did she let those words out than I started to pump cum into her. I have never felt anything like it. And she could feel it too. She yells out, oh god, your cum. Give it to me. Give it all to me. She is shaking uncontrollably in full orgasm and so am I. She then pushes me away and tells me to sit on one of the kitchen chairs. She drops to her knees and starts to suck my softening cock. She works it back to a raging hard on and then strattles me on the chair. She starts riding my cock wildly and I try to match her thrusts for full penetration. She starts begging me to pump that hot cum into her. Its not long before I am pumping cum into her again and she responds with another orgasm that sucked everydrop out of me. I proceeded to pump her most of the day. After we were both fully sexually satisfied from fucking all day, she said that I should take the nighty back and that although we had fun she would never fuck me again. That is another story.

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