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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

i worked for a nationwide bank in va as a teller while going to school. My manager sent me a training classes held in our HR dept downtown office. During lunch, I went to a nearby deli for lunch. While waiting in line, a cute guy in front of me started talking to me. Offered me to go ahead of him. When I sat down to eat, he asked if he could eat with me. He was so cute. He was a bodybuilder. He was from Jordan and a Muslim. Anyway, we exchanged numbers and started talking almost everyday. After a week, he told me that I knew his ex-girlfriend. She was a manager of another branch of the same bank and also best friends with my manager. I knew her enough that we know each other by sight and name and hung out at happy hour several times. He said that he had been with her about 8 years but broke up about 6 months ago. He asked if I minded and if I not let anyone know just yet. In eagerness, I agreed. He asked me out and I accepted. During dinner I was so nervous because he was looking at me so intensely. He kept wispering how beautiful I was and how lucky he felt being with me. That night he just held my hands and stroked my face. Sometimes he would call me at work and would use an alias to leave message. His name was Ahmed but said he was John. Everybody in the branch including my manager started teasing me about “John”. We decided that we would keep our relationship a secret for a while because we both didn’t want to hurt his exgirlfriend and my manager’s best friend. After a month of dining and walking, he invited me to his home for dinner. He cooked a very simple dinner and fed me erotically. He made cocktails. And after couple of drinks I felt pretty buzzed. He asked me permission to kiss me and I said yes. After couple of kisses, he lifted and carried me to his bedroom. I said I wasn’t ready. He said he just wanted to kiss and touch me comfortablely. His kisses were getting so intense and he started to kiss my breast. He was stroking me and nibbling on my hard nipples. Before i knew it, i was laying naked. I was so excited with anticipation. He lifted my legs higher and wider and Ifelt his dick. He couldn’t get his thick dick inside of me. He kept on telling me to relax. I started to feel lot of pain and I asked him to stop. But he wouldn’t stop. He said I was too uptight. I started to struggle and he pinned my hands down. He just thrusted himself in. I felt so much pain and passed out for a minute. When I came to he was still inside me and sliding in and out of me slowly. It was still so tight and I felt sharp pain with each movement. He finally came and I started to cry. My pussy felt like it was on fire. He held me tight and said the pain would go away. He started to suck my nipples and they got real hard again. We kissed and fell asleep. He woke up several times that night and attempted to enter me again. My pussy was so tight that his dick started to hurt. After couple of weeks my pussy had stretched enough to handle his thick dick. And I started to seriously enjoy our sessions. And we would fuck anywhere we were meeing because he would ask me to wear a full skirt with no underwear, at parks as joggers went by, by the river as other men fished, in parking lots of a very busy mall. And I was so turned on by men who knew what was going on. I would expose my nipple or at least a part of my breast. As soon as I started to enjoy it he changed into a possessive and domineering lover. He would take me doggie style, slapping my ass and pulling my hair, calling a slut and a whore. He would ram his dick deep inside me, saying you like that you slut, youre mine, I’ll fuck you anyway I like and if I catch you fucking anyone else i’ll kill you. It sort of made our encounters exciting. He started to control me in sense he always wanted to know where I was and where i would be. I was told not to come to his house unless we agreed in advance. I found that to be suspicious. So one night i went to his house and he was mad. He was just watching a movie but was he mad. Later that night when we were fucking he started hitting, not too hard but just the same calling me names and slapping me, but the sex wass ssssooo good. In my mind I felt reassured that he was faithful and he was always telling me that he loved me too much and was afraid of losing me. But as weeks went by I met his exgirlfriend at a happy hour and she was telling my manager about her birthday spent with her boyfriend. Strangely, I was curious who her new boyfriend was. When I asked who her new boyfriend is, she laughed and said she wished she had new boyfriend , no she’s been involved with same man for 8 years. Boy was I shocked. Later that night when I confronted him, he claimed that she had asked him to spent the day with her as a gift and that he had spent the night with her just holding her because he felt sorry for her.(She was fat and not very attractive but incrediably nice, nice, nice person.)Later that night as he was fucking me, he slapped me around and yelled that as his whore i just accept all that he does and that he can fuck his ex or anyone else he pleases, but because i’m so special he only eats my pussy. It was then I realize that when he and I meet it was always on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday. He was fucking both of us and I was totally clueless. I broke up and I threatened to tell his “ex” if called me again. He called couple of times and said how much he missed me. I did sleep with one last time after I broke up with another man. And yes the size does count. And he got his ex pregnent but they’re not getting married. I still see his ex about once a year and I’m not working at the bank anymore

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