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getting off

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: in her pussy
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I love whacking off but wanted to know what pussy felt like. I had gotten close twice when I was at camp and was eating her out but she kept saying you cant fuck me you cant fuck me but she did suck my dick and i came on her face. Anyway I finally decided to come on to one of the girls in my carpool. We had never even kissed but I just thought she looked hot. We would go to movies and then grab each other in the dark and then make out in a parkigg lot close to her house. One night she asked do you want to do it? LIKE YES!!!!!!! The cool thing is she had rubbers so I KNEW i was gonna get laid. We were already in the back seat and we took off the rest of our clothes. I was already rock hard and when she leaned over and licked the head of my dick I thoght I would pop right then. I held on and she rolled on a rubber. We layed down and I got on top. Her legs were around my ass and she grabbed my dick and put it to her pussy. I pushed in pretty hard and I was in. Iwas pumping real hard and it felt great. We wer both grunting oh god which made us kind of laugh. She was bucking up into me and I could feel my balls slap her. I came real hard and kept pumpin a little. I didnt want to slip out. Then I did and we just layed there. I was so happy I went down on her and licked her pussy and put 2 fingers in. I felt her come. We used up four rubbers that night! We still go out and try to do a lot of different things. I still have to wear a raincoat. someday soon I want to come in her cunt without it but she does not want to get pregnant. the good news is she lets me come in her mouth. Love you baby.

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