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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: My Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well my first time was in my bedroom. We had been going out for about 6 months and had done the usual kind of stuff like me fingering her and her sucking me and tossing me off. Anyway the day it happened was the 24 Dec and we kissing and making out on my bed, i started to finger her from behind which always drove her crazy. I slipped 2 then 3 fingers into her and she was maoaning and getting more excited, her pussy was wetter than i had ever felt it before. Then she asked me to rub my hard cock against her wet outer lips, i mean who was to say no. I spent a god few minutes pushing myself along the folds of her pussy lips when she oved her hips in such away as to line me up with her gaping wet hole. She looked over her shoulder and said to me “just do it to me slowly”. I pushed my cock slowly into her hot wet tight pussy, allowing us both to savour each slow meaningful thrust. We wernt concerned about birth controla s she was on the pill to ease her period pains. I started to go faster once we had both got into the rhythm of the occasion. I reached around and freed her tits from her bra, all the time keeping up a nice steady pace. I could feel myself getting closer to coming and told her. She asked me to stop and get on top of her so she could hold me as i came and see the look on my face. We quickly moved places and i climbed on top, after a few quick thrusts i was very close to coming, she grabbed hold of my arse and pulled in to her, this was enough to set me off and i emptied my bals deep into her hot pussy. We laid together fro ages and just let my come run out of her. We are no longer together but i will never forget her and the fun we had learning about sex together

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