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gentle kisses

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Mom's friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

When I was fourteen I was so enthralled with sex that I can not remember talking about anything else. I was just starting to develop and when I had gotten my period the year before I was awaken to all the possibilities which lay ahead. I had a very understanding mom who sat me down and explained to me all that was happening with me and what to look forward to. I asked all sorts of questions and she was very informative. I would always talk about guys with my friends and what it would be like to be with different guys. I guess that is what makes this story ironic, because I was so boy crazy.
I was hanging out at my mom’s office one day after school when I first met Caroline. She was much younger than my mom, I think she was just out of college. I was struck by how pretty she was and all I could think of was what kind of boys I would attract if I looked like that. She had sorta small breasts and a thin figure but with very full hips and a very round butt. I became friendly with her and saw her many times at the office and later when she came to my mom’s house for dinner or to catch a movie with us. This continued until we knew each other like sisters, we borrowed clothes and makeup and gave each other tips on what looked good. It was a great relationship.
My mom was going to leave town for four days and asked Caroline if I could stay with her. She was obliging and on a Saturday I packed up and went to her house. I was glad to be staying with her because my aunt who I usually stayed with was real restrictive and nosy. Caroline treated me like a grown up. I was sitting in her extra bedroom when she came in and asked me what was up. I was doing homework and stopped to talk. We naturally got to sex and the converation turned to orgasms. I was really curious because I had just started trying to masturbate and had not achieved one yet. She described what it was like but this was not good enough for me and I asked her how she achieved an orgasm. She said through masturbating, or oral sex, and then out of nowhere she placed a little kiss on my left cheek. My heart at first stoped beating and then started back at a million miles minutes. I was blushed and flustered and she knew it. I asked why she did it and she said “I was hoping to help you.” I knew what she was talking about but I was kind of grossed out. I was torn at this moment about what to do. I just sat there for a few minutes and my body continued to reel. I thought I would faint and then it hit me that this is what she had just described to me as happening before an orgasm. I looked up at her and smiled and she kissed me softly on the lips and I kissed back. I remember tasting her lipstick and her saliva. I just lay straight back on the bed and she soon followed and we kissed tenderly for a while. I was so wet that it was kind of uncomfortable. I wanted to air out my vaginal area and soon I would get my chance. I felt her hands everywhere on my body at once, or maybe my mind could not move as fast as her hands in this state. I soon was bare to the waist and she was sucking my breast and tweaking my nipples. I was getting more aroused and it finally hit me what was going on and I started to question what was coming but then she put her hand on my crotch over my jeans and all went blank again. I reached down and unbuttoned my pants and let her remove them. I was so hot at that moment. Caroline stood up and sensuosly removed her shirt and pants. We lay back down and explored each others breasts and rolled around on the bed. I moved to reveal her first and pulled her panties down. I saw the most exciting thing of my young life, her crotch was shaved. I was shaking at the site of this. I was not at all coherent enough to know what to do and she moved to me and kissed me again. I was soon on my back and naked. I let her kiss me all over and then she found my almost hairless crotch and started to kiss and suck. I was not able to tell her what felt good or anything else for that matter. She was sucking on my clit and fingering me, as I thought I could not get any hotter I felt a finger nuzzle against my anus and then gently push inside. I was now at that point I had never been at before and I had my first orgasm. I was clenching my muscles so hard my abs hurt for a week. I finally returned to earth and she was laying there holding me close. It was probably a surreal scene but it was so tender and loving. I know by saying this it will freak alot of girls out but I think that all women should have their first orgasm with another woman. I am not a lesbian and I have not had the opportunity to have another woman but from fourteen to eighteen I was pleased very thoroughly by my freind Caroline.

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