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gave it to her from behind

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: drive in
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Fisrt time I fucked was ay a drive-in in the front seat of the car. I can still see her skirt hiked up and that beautiful ass waiting to be fucked hard. There just wasn’t any room for me to mount her pussy and slam it home. I was a virgin and my 8 inch cock was ready for some major thrusting. It was the late late movie and I we were in the back row. I always took my dates to the back row so I could finger fuck them good and long. I love spanking pussy while i am fingering it. I like to look and get the girl so hot her pussy is wet and sounds loud. But I never lucky until that Sat. nite. The girl I was dating was gorgeous. Just looking at her gave me a big dick. I started off by feeling her titties as usual. I always take a long time pulling on those nipples and sucking them until the woman wiggles down below and then I put my hands in her pants and I ak her is there something she wants or needs. I say try just pulling your girls titties a little longer and watch her beg you to fuck her hard. Tease her longer and longer and soon she will stick her ass in the ass in ther air and beg you to drive your cock home. That’s what happened that nite. I teased my

girl a long time. I squeezed her puss over her underwear refusing to fingerfuck her nakad until she wanted it and asked for it. She was pawing my dong. She wanted it but I teased her longer slapping her pussy over her underwear until she asked me if she got on her knees would I spank her nakad ass a little and push her around a bit. Oh God I had never thought of whipping a wopman before so i didn’t know how I would feel until I saw that ass high the air and I was in charge. I was a changed man al of a sudden. She begged me to talk to her dirty and to take charge. So I did. I whipped my cock out and started whipping her ass with it. Stick that ass up higher I said so i can whip it and I started slapping her ass. She was facing the window and each time I spanked her she moaned. God I was so hrony. I wanted to take her out of the car and lean that ass over the hood and fuck the shit out of her. As I was whipping her ass I would reach around and pull on those titties some more. She was humping her pussy in the air. I loved to hear the slap of my hand on her ass. I would tell her,I’m in charge now, grind those hips slut. Finally, my cock couldn’t take it amymore so I shoved it in her ass and started banging that cunt with all my mite. I fucked her harder and harder. I gave her my cock and pulled out quick. I turned her around and shoved her face where my dick was and told her to suck it hard. I reached her ass and started spanking her as she sucked. Suck it harder baby I whispered., I am going toi give you a good fucking for this as she sucked my dick. I layed her down and started licking her pussy. I am goping to fuck this oussy as I tongue fucked her ready whole. Finaly I said that’s it outside. And we went out and walked behind the drive-in where the woods started. Get against the tree and stick that ass out i said. I felt for her cunt and tucked my cock in that wet pussy and gave her a hard fuck. My first fuck was so gret. when I came I made her lay down and spread her legs and I whipped my dick against her mound. I fucked her mouth and as I said before the key is those horny titties. Squeeze those titties and pull on them guys. The ladies will bend over anything and take your cock on demand. That was a great fucking. When we were done she scuked me off one last time and I fingerfuckd her as she layed bare ass nakad over my lap. I fingered her and slapped her ass and whipped her until she came. Toneit I plan on fucking her over the hood of the car. I am going to take charge and tell her to pull her pants down and bend over the car but not until I have sicked those titties for at least an hour. I always take charge now when i fucking any woman and I find they love to get spanked with my big manly hands and my 8 inch dick slaps there pussy always when i am done.

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