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Galveston “Hot Tub Love”

Where it happened: Galveston Resort
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

While going to college at Texas Tech I met a gorgous woman name Amy. During the first few days of class we had talked and began studying together for various test. I envited her to dinner the next night and introduced her to a couple of friends. A few weeks later I asked her out and she said “Yes”. Our relationship steadily grew over the next few months and we began to get intimate (french kissing, making out, and foreplay). After the new year, we decided to go to Galveston for a break. We stayed at the Hilton Resort. After parting late into the night with friends, we decide to go back to the Hotel. On our way through the lobby, we noticed the pool and hot tube area was closed off but no one had locked the door. So we snuck in and locked it behind us. We ran to the spa and turned it up to 110. We slowly eased ourselves into the hot water. As we started to make out I could feel her hands running down between my legs caressing my erect penis. She looked into my eyes (and I could tell she was turned on and horny). We began to remove each others cloths until we could feel the rush of the jets bubbling hot water all over our naked bodies. As bodies embraced, the sexual tension was building. I began caressing her breasts, kissing each navel and using my tounge to make circles around her nipples. She began to breathe deeply. As our foreplay grew more intense, she slowly worked her way on top me. She spred her legs and began riding me. She was in control. The deep warm feeling of her cliotris around my member made my heart run wild. She started slowly arching herself back and forth as our moaning(ooooooooh) became deeper and louder. I could feel her inner muscles tightening and the pace quicken. As we reach our climax, our bodies exploded in a moment of hot passion. We screamed “YES,YES,OH god, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. A few minutes later we went to our rooms and showered and maked love till morning. We awoke later that afternoon and took a walk on the beach and collected Sand dollars and shells. s later, after we graduated, I asked her to marry me. She Said “YES”.

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