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Age when it happend: 13 to 14
Where it happened: read to find out
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

it happen one day down in florida as i was visting my cousin for the holiday .my cousin invited me over for the holiday and she had her boyfried over he was 24 at the time and i was 13 to 14.it was christmas day and a lot of people came over and brought there children over to play.as we played all the other kids teased me about how much my tied back dreadlocks made me look like a girl.everyone laught and teased till there parents thought it was time to go.being the only one left .it soon begain to become boring so my cousin boy friend and i went up stairs to play the game system. an hour or two later as we where playing we heard my cousin yell up the stairs saying she had an errand to run and come lock the door behind her.as we ran down stair i stop to look at the tree that was now lit in the front room.i saw the tree many times before but for some reason that time was special.i stood there memorised by the tree thinking how beautiful it was .when my cousin boy friend finally locked the house up he walked up to me and smiled then told me to look up.as i looked up i saw a misteltoe above us.i knew what it was but i didnt know what it ment.looking at it i said so now what.he laughted and said well we gotta kiss now.and before i could even say anything else he pulled me into a kiss then looking into my eyes he asked if i trust him and would i like to do somthing that would feel realy good.all i could do was knod my head yes as it felt as if my voice left with the kiss.he then stated to unzip his pants and pull his 10 inch cock out.i stared at it as he walked to the couch.with a motion of his hand he told me to come here.walking towards him he then told me to strip and start with my shirt.so i did what he told me to.i striped down till i was wearing nothing but my boxers and a necklace.i was kinda shy so i was rubing my arm nervously.he then giggled and leaned forward and kissed me again and said you are girly but i think your cute.rubbing his hands over my groin till i was hard he begain to take off my boxer.once they where finally off he asked me softly to suck him off.i then told him i didnt know how .stroking my cock sum he said ill demonstrate he then layed me on the couch and begain to suck me.i didnt last long at all.griping the back of his head i cummed inside his mouth.afther licking me clean he smiled and said i want you to do the same to me.i knodded againg then kneed down in front of him and start to lick around the head of his dick then begain to suck a little.thats when his phone rong and i stoped. he reached for his phone then said dont stop and then asnwered it.it was my cousin on the line saying shell be home in a hour.then i heard her ask was i being good. as soon as she said that he came in my mouth rope ather rope i felt hit the back of my througt till i found it to be to much to swallow and pulled off to be hit with another rope of semen that landed across my face and chest.the semen in my mouth swallowed unconciously.i then heard him say hes being a very good boy then closeing the phone.a very good boy.he then told me to stand and get over him till we were chest to chest .with a endex finger he wiped the cum off my chest and lubed my anal with it.i then asked what he was doing and he said to trust him it may hurt a little at first but it will feel a lot better later saying that he sliped one finger inside me then another and another till he had three fingers in me.he then removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock.
as he started to push in i jumped from the growing pains in my rectum as the head sliped throu ather fifthteen min of him leting me get use to it he was fanilly balls deep inside me.wait a few more mins he started to bounce me in his lap slowly getting faster with each thrust.till he was going all out fucking me till my dreads came untied and me cuming again.he then whispered in my ear he was going to cum before unleashing his hot seed into my gut.

ather that everythings was a blur all i remember afther that was waking in my grandads car fully clothed as he drove home lated that night.but i remembered what happened because that moring his seed was still leaking from me

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