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fucked my brains out!!!

Where it happened: hotel at beach
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

what would u think if a girl u didn’t even kno picked u up just to fuck your brains out??? it happened to me at the beach cos i was on my way to meet my friends when this hot chick in a tiny thong asked me directins and well i looked at her bod and she looked at mine and soon we were 2gether. i work out and swim and chicks like my chest and legs but nothing like this ever happened. she invited me back to the hotel room where her family was staying but they were gone all day. she pulled off my shorts which is all i had on and and ripped off her thong and sucked my dick with me standing right there. i cummed all over her tits then she rubbed them on my chest then licked the cum off. kewl!!! then she made me clean her off with my tung and when i finished her tits i went to her pussy. i drove her wild so she said fuck me!!!! my virgun dick was ready and it was the best ever. she loved to fuck even tho she was with the bod of a 20 yr old. i did ok for myself slamming my dick into her wile rubbing my bare bod all over hers. her family was only at the hotel at nites so we fucked every day till she went home. fuck it was great!!!!!!

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