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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Burger King
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I knew when he picked me up he was going to kiss me, but I didn’t know what else he wanted to do. At first we went to his house, and watched tv, but then he said he had the keys to burger king (His dad owned it) and asked if I wanted to go eat. It was about 2 am. I said sure, and we cruised on down. When we got there, he smiled and kissed me. He took out a bottle of vodka and we took shots. For every one I took he took two. After I had about 7, I was buzzing real good. We kept kissing, and I felt his hand go up my shirt. I reached down his pants and gave his penis a little squeeze. He unhooked my bra, and threw it on the ground. He pulled my shirt over my head and gently filcked his tounge over my breasts. We layed on a table, and I took his shirt off him. He smiled as I undid his belt, and then his zipper. I grasped his bulging cock, and caressed it. He reached his hand under my skirt and gasped when he realized I had no panties on. He relized I had the same thing in mind. He took my skirt off, and I just layed on top of him, our bodies tounching. He asked me If I had a condom, and I said no, but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel him inside me. So, he sat up, and raised his throbbing cock over me. Suddenly he thrust it into my pussy,, it hurt so bad, but it felt so good to. He becan pumping and I moaned. Suddenly my back arched and His cock went in farther than it had ever been. I screamed, and pulled him in harder. His body went tense then, and I felt cum inside me and then ooz out of my hole. He removed his deflated cock and went down on me, flicking his tounge in and out of my hole, making me climax again and again. Then, I dicided I’d try to give him head. I pushed his head out from betwween my legs, and instructed him to satand. I took his cock in my mouth, and swallowed most of it, but it was too big (8 inches at least)
Then, he came, and I swallowed the sweet cum. Then we went into the back, and fucked there. It was sooo awesome.

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