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fuck me dry

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: the park
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

i was very horny one day and was sitting on the front porch when i saw my neighbour walking outside very quickly.
i became suspicious and as my neighbour was hot and 20 years old i peeked at him from behind a tree and when i saw what he was doing i became very horny coz he was wanking himself.
so i walked over there and crept up behind him and grabbed his hard dick.
he turned around very slowly and i knew that he liked me for a long time and i began jerking him off and he started moaning and then i asked why on earth he was outside and he said it was because his sister and all her friends were running around his house and room so he was feeling horny and decided to come outside anyway
so i suggested we go for a walk he kept on moaning but i stopped when i could tell he was gonna cum but he came anyway- all over a bush and i took one of the cum soaked leaves of and licked all the cum off it and he was just looking at me with these lust filled eyes.
theres a very private park down the street and we hurried down there kissing like anything.
he pushed me up against the slide and grabbed my huge tits and pressed against me dry fucking me and i could feel his cock hard against me and iwas moaning and he sucked on my big firm tits and sucked hard on my nipples and i could feel myself cumming and i was getting so wet and i pushed his hand down between my legs and he fingered me hard and deep first with only one finger then with 2 and three it hurt me a bit but it was so good then i pulled his dick out of his pants and began to suck on it and it tasted good and he was so hard then i said do me baby and i sat down on the slide and he lowered himself on me and entered me and it fucking hurt but there was no way i could make him stop and i kept on moaning and going come on big boy give it to me and he was kissing me and then after about 30 minutes of serious fucking he was thrusting in me and i kept on umming and shaking and i thought i was gonna die he told me he was gonna cum and he pulled out quickly and blew all over my face and hair and i licked as much of it as i could off my hair and lips then i heard a noise and turned around and my brother was standing there and he was 14 and he had the hots for me so i said cum here baby lets have some fun and he walked over and i was sucking my neighbour off and my bro started eating me out really hard and sucking on my clit so hard and he eat me out til i was dry but wet with his tounge and i kept on cumming and he just goes i wanna do you right now so i moved over ot the swing and my bro stood in front of me and did me and while the swing was swinging my neighbour came up behind me and was touching my tits and when my bro had cum inside me my neighbour had another shot.
then i was so tired so we stopped my neighbour moved house 2 weeks lata and as for my bro…i’m glad we share a room

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