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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: someplace
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

my friend sean’s mom was what you would call a milf. i wacked off to her like every day. she would always flirt with me when i went to seans house. and i would flirt back. one day sean and i got drunk and we went to crash at his place. his mom was looking hotter than ever. so sean went to sleep and i went into the bathroom to jack off. right in the middle of wacking it, sean’s mom walked in . she asked me who was the lucky lady i was thinking about, i told her it was her. she came over to me and gave me a wet kiss. i started to feel her tits, but then she stopped me and told me to come to her room. there she stripped me down and she took her clothes off. we made out again this time i sucked and felt her tits then i moved down and finguered her wet pussy. she was playing with my balls. i moved my dick up to her mouth and she sucked on it as hard as she could, before too long i was busting gallons of it in her mouth and on her face. i moaned. then i slid down and licked her pussy, drawing the letters of the alphabet with my tounge. she was screeming, untill she jizzed in my mouth. my dick was hard again and i shoved it in her creamy pussy. thrusting as hard as i could. i was going nuts and i was about to come soon. she told me to stop and fuck her asshole, so i did. you could hear me slapping he ass with my pelvis for miles. she loved it and i blew it in her asshole and she came on my fingers. i lay down to take a rest and soon she was eating and licking my asshole. i turned arount and put my dick inbetween her tits and started to tity fuck her as she fingered herself. i came again all over her face and neck. sean walked in and saw his mom drowning in my cum. she smiled and was still horney so we fucked right in front of him. she wouldn’t stop. that bitch wanted it bad and i gave it to her again and again.

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