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fuck hard

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: boyfriend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I just started dating Jonathan, I was really new to the dating scene.
One friday night, we had plan to go to the movies with a buch of our friends. That night we went and watch the movie with our friends. After the movie we decided to go to his house, I was not really sure, but I was really exciting. While we were there we started to talk about our sexual experiences, and I told him that I had never done it with anyone before, but he didn’t believe me, because around town people had said that I was not a virgin. So he try to get some fuck that night, thinking that I was not a virging.
While we were talking, he told me that my little kaki skirt, that barely cover my ass was so attractive, that he thought he wouldn’t make it through the movie.
Since he really didn’t make a move toward the bedroom, I started to walk toward it.
I grab his hand and turn him toward me, and we kiss. He got hard so fast that he didn’t give me a change to taste anything of him. And in less than 10 seconds my clothes were gone, except my little skirt, which was tight around my waist. As soon as he got his close off, he was ready to fuck.
He grab my waist and turn me around in doggy style, unzip my skirt and took it off me. Then he grab a comdom and putted on. Thank God he was prepared because I was not. As soon as he was ready, he open my legs as wide as they could go and sink in. He fuck me so hard, that my the third pushing, his whole dick was inside me and my first orgasm came in. I thought I wouldn’t survive the night. Jonathan came in and out so fast and hard, feeling my pussy with his whole dick, his whole 10 inches. While fucking me, he also started to suck my breast, sucking and making little bittest around my pink area.
I just couldn’t resist the temtation of liking his whole body. I started to run my tongue round his neck, then my tongue ran down to his chest, I started to suck his tits, he got hard so fast, that I decided to give him a blow job, I would be my first one. I went down between his legs and I grab his dick, slowly I started to pushed into my mouth, while sucking his dick, I made little bits of his dick, which excite him more. When he could not longer hold his orgasm. He grab me, push me into doggy style and fuck me for the second time. I thought that I was not going to make it the next day. The night run short because I had to get home by 11 o’clock.
The only thing that it didn’t well was that he didn’t last more than 10 minutes.
but from that point, every time we got together, we would fuck, and sometimes trying new ways and positions.
The sad thing is that our relationship only lasted about 2 months. I really miss those nights that we would plan to fuck.

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