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Friends Sister

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Friends Place
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Me and my friends went to our new friends house and qe knocked on the door and his mom opened the door and she said come on in and he was at the counter eat we shaked and she offered us some food and she fixed us a plate and his sister came downstairs she was wearing a long sleeve yellow top and some lit blue jeans with chucks on. I was always tring to get with her and and every other guy to. She asked why are they here and her mom said something and she said but mommy and she said stopp and she fixed her a plate and went to the frig and looked for sometging to drink she looked at us and said they’re drnking up our stuff too and she said stop be nice and she said I don’t want to be nice and one of my friends asked are you all Puetoricans and they stoped talking and her brother said don’t say that and they said no look at the flag and he said I don’t know that flag and is sister said we’re Domninican. We said oh and her mom turned on the radio and and started dancing and she said come here they started singing and dancing and we were like wow and we tried to join in and she took my hand I tried to follow and she stoped and said place your hands right there and she said you’re supposed to lead the way and she stoped and the mom says I have to go to go now bye everybody and his sister said bye mommy love you and she stoped and sais remeber me and your dad are leaving to go out of town tonight and she said okay and she left out the door and she asked are yall done and we said yeah and she took the plates and rinsed them and puted them in dish washer.He went upstairs and he was getting reafy he said he had to get ready and we were in his room he threw on some clothes and he walked in his siters room and he asked can he see her phone and she used the house phone he said I don’t want too and she said something and they started speaking that stuff and he got up and said get laid you virgin and she got up and she I know you’re not talking and she asked are you still iching and we all started laughing and said ooohh and he got mad and went downstairs and she followed him but she went outside to get the mail and and she fliped through them and saw and puted them on the counter and I came up behind her and I asked what are you doing next weekend and she said nothing staying away from you and she got up and he said man stop being so mean and take his offer and get laid and she looked at him and we all started laughing she went upstairs and we were still laughing and and I heard her crying and he said let’s go and we left.

We went to the gym and and I asked how’s it like back home and he said good and my friend asked is she really a virgin and he said yeah every dude that she dadted just wanted some and she break up with them . We were all shocked and I said I thought she would of done something by now and how fine she is, man.He showed us a picture of her in her swiming suit and my friend said dam she fine and he said that’s my sister and I said what if one of us dated yor sister and say we broke her he said I don’t care yall my friends and we asked you don’t care anyone of us can break her and dated her he said naw. We all were ike I’m going to break her and I got a messege saying there’s a party and I said yall going and we said yeah and we stoped and talked to some girls and we got some of their numbers and we went over his house and we walked in and we went upstairs to his room and she walke out the bathroom and and her hair was wet and she walked downstairs and we left.

Later that night I called him and assked if he’s ready he said yeah and he’s waiting for me. I pulled up to his house and blew the horn and he wouldn’t come out but the door was wide open and I walked in and I went to his room and he wasn’t there and I heard somebody crying and I went to his sister room she was laying on her bed crying and I sat on her bed and I asked what’s wrong and she said my brother and I asked what he said and she said making fun of me because I’m a virgin and you all laughed and thought it was funny. I sat up close to her I started rubing her back and I said I like you if you’re a vriigin and I started feeling her and I layed back and I told her to come here and she got up and I puled her to me and I started kissing the tears and I started kissing her and she started kissing me backthen I rolled over and I put my hand in her pants and I felt her.I took off her clothes and mine and I pulled a condom out of my pocket and I puted it on and I started kissing her neck and sating she smelled good and I shoved myself in her shw winced and I started to go slow then I started to pick up the pace and I grabed her by her hips and I went all in ans she started moaning very loudly and breathy heavy I could feel her heart beat and she’ll get tighter and I said you’re so tight and I was thinking was she feeling it for her first time I leaned forward I puted my arms around her I banged her and said oh my god oohh and biting her lip I started sucking on her lip then I stoped and taped her and to say turn over. I walked over to her side and I kissed her and she oh my god and I sucked her neck and I puted my tongue in her mouth. I got her on her hands and knees in dug style and I started moving her hips and she went insane and started screaming and I went harder and it felt so good. I started rubing her clit and she came all over me and I pulled her up and kissed her because that really turned me on and I told her to get on her stomach and I got one top of her and she had her hands out and I placed mine oh hers and she screamed and I started kissing her and I said I love you and she said I love you too and it feel good she said. I then got off of her and I fliped her on her back and I opend her lege and I looked at her pussey and it was shaved no hair and I saw that I opened herup a little and I told her to get up and she got up and I standing up and I told her to hold on to the bed and she said okay sweating and I started banging her and I rubed her clit and she came agin and she was shaking I got her on top of me and she was wiping thr sweat off her head and I entered her and I moved her up and downand I thought I was giving her alot she said ha, it feels so good and I stoped to get I picked her up and I told her to hold me and she started screaming that I sstarted kissing her and I asked are you going to come with me she said yes, and I went fast and she oh my god, oh. I ask you’re going to cum on the dick she was moaning and I asked are you going to cum on thr dick and she said yes and I told her to open up her mouth I puted my thumb in her mouth and I said open wide and I spited in her mouth and I said swallow it and she did and I said let me see and she opend her mouth she moved her tongue around. She said I’m about to come and I said hold it and she said I can’t and she came on me while I was still inside her and I said come on the dick and I got out of her and I saw her cum on me and I pulled off my condom and I entred her and I camed inside her and I said oh my god and I was still cumming and I stoped and she was still breathing heavy and I pulled her up and we got in the shower together and we got in bed and I wraped my arms around her and she said something in Dominican and I asked what did you say and she said I love you. I told her to open her mouth and I spited in her mouth agin and she swallowed it and she said you like that don’t you and I said yeah. We fell asleep and later in the night I heard my phone ringing and she said answer it and I kissed her and said go back to sleep and it kept playing she turned over and puted her head on my chest and I sat up and I said yeah and they asked why you at and I said I was looking for you and they kept telling what happend at the party she placed he hand on my stomach which where my pack was and I startedto finger her and I said yeah and I started kissing herI stick my tongue in her mouth and I said I’m on my way and I hunged up and I layed back down and she said I thought you were leaving he said no and she got up and took a shower I heard the water running and I got in the shower with her and we got out and she pulled the sheet off the bed and I went down dtairs and laid on the couch and gave me a pillow and a blanket. I heard a knock at the door and I sat up still tired and I saw them comming in and they asked where you been and I said here I got sleepy and they said they were tired and she brought some blankets and pillows and she said you all can sleep on the blow up beds and or in my room.

When we woke up she was cooking breakfeast everybody came and she fixed us a plate she was wearing a long sleeve green shirt with black jeans and some nike sneakers. Her hair was up and everybody came eat she was sitting on the counter and ner brother asked did you get layed and she smiled and said yes I did and did you he siad no and she walke over and got in his face and she said shut up and leaveme alone. I walked up to her and I kissed er in fornt of everybody and I picked her up and puted her on the counter and they said what and he said you had sex with my sister and I said yeah and he just looked and she said something and I started kissing her neck and she stoped and she stoped and she went upstairs and they aksed for real and I said yeah and gave them a hi five and I said we did alot of thing last night and I went upstairs and we did it agin and she was silent and I heard a knock at the door and I asked who it was and it was her brother and I said I’m not done yet and after I was done I pulled my pants back up and she puted on her pants and I left and he ask what’s going on and I said I had to do something and he saw her sleeping and she had her clothes on and he said you puted her to sleep and I said yeah and I went downstairs andwatched t.v. We stayed over there the whole time until their parents got back in town.

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