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Friend’s Mom

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My Friend’s Mom

My friend’s Mom is also my teacher and let’s just call her Mrs. R. Mrs. R is about 40 years old but her body is still firm and her tits are erect. This happened to me when I was in the 7th grade. Well one day when I was at school Mrs. R requested me and my friend (Her son) to stay after class to help check some test papers. So after checking some papers she asked her son to buy some snacks. While her son was away some test papers were blown by the fan and it scattered on the floor and some of it underneath the desk of Mrs. R. So I picked the papers up. when I reached the papers underneath her table I caught a glimpse of of her cotton panty because she was spreading her legs just wide enough for me to see them. After that I can’t help but fantasize about Mrs. R. after that incident I always stayed after class to help Mrs. R with her papers. and at every time I get the chance to brush my hand or my body against hers I would do so. After a year nothing happened . one time I forgot my bag at school so I went back to get it when I got there everybody was gone and the only light that was on was the classroom of Mrs. R so I went to her room and to me surprise I saw Mrs. R with her skirt up to her waist and her legs were spread wide apart and she has her hand in her panties and she was rubbing her cunt. upon seeing this I immediately got a hard on. So I jerked off on the spot that I was standing. After 15 minutes Mrs. R got dressed again and I already came twice. So upon seeing this I knocked on the door and got my bag from her classroom and went home. In my sophomore year we had a slumber party at Mrs. R’s house . So that night we drank some beer and Mrs. R’s son and my friends went out to get some pizza and some more beer but I excused myself because I was a bit tipsy already. So they left me and Mrs. R in the house. So after cleaning up Mrs. R took a bath and she returned wearing only a see thru nightie . I complimented her outfit saying that she was sexy. and then she said if I would like to see some more then I said yes then she removed her bra and I can see her tits thru her nighties and her nipples where very firm and erect. Then she said that if I like we can enjoy ourselves visually meaning we can just look but we cannot touch each other. So I unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock and then masturbated while Mrs. R removed her panties and layed herself on the bed and spread her legs apart in front of me and started rubbing her pussy. After 30 minutes ( I came twice) Mrs. R told me that we should get dressed because her son might be back soon. A few days later Mrs. R told me to stay after class again . When we were all alone in the room she told me to strip so I did and then she locked the door and then she removed her panties and then she guided my hand under her skirt and to her pussy and she told to me rub her pussy and to insert my finger in her pussy. While I was doing this she was moaning softly at the beginning then a lot louder afterwards. after 30 minutes of these she pushed me on a chair and she told me that we cannot have intercourse because her son might find out. So she kneeled in front of me and she got some kind of oil from her bag and applied it on my cock and then started stroking it up and down until I came. But I wasn’t satisfied so I told her to remove her blouse and bra because I want to suck her tits while she masturbated me. So she removed her blouse and bra and Mrs. R stood at my side and I sucked her breasts while she was stroking my cock. After 15 minutes we stopped and we got dressed and she kissed me and she drove me home. That weekend I was tasked by the principal to do some make up work. So I went to school that Saturday morning nobody was around so I did my work then Mrs. R arrived (she was wearing a short white skirt and a tight fitting sleeveless shirt) . She asked me what I was doing there . then she told me that she will check some papers there. So she went to her room then to my delight she opened the door wide and then she pulled her skirt up to her waist and then removed her panties then she took off her shirt revealing her naked breasts. Then Mrs R. sat on her table facing me with her legs spread apart and her hand massaging her tits and the other rubbing her pussy . So this got me very horny so I entered her room and I immediately sucked her tits . While I was doing this Mrs. R kept saying to me that we can’t have intercourse. Then I went down on her pussy and licked it then she said “ damn it c’mon fuck me” then she stood up and pushed me on a chair then she grabbed my cock and sucked it then Mrs. R sat on my dick facing me and began straddling my cock. her pussy was very hot and wet that after 5 minutes I shot my load in her pussy. Then she cleaned my cock and then sucked it to erection again then she layed on the floor and then I went on top of her and then I entered her again (she was still very wet) after 15 minutes I came inside her. we rested for awhile then she got dressed and kissed me goodbye.

I fucked my friend’s mom until I graduated from high school. Sometimes she would call me when my friend is not around and then we would fuck. One time we were having a boys party at my friend’s house when I ran into Mrs. R. in the kitchen (she was wearing only her see thru nightgown) so I grabbed her and caressed her tits and her ass then I unzipped my pants then I enterd Mrs. R. from behind I came in just 5 minutes. So everytime we have the chance we would fuck and suck each other.

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