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Friends mom

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: friends mom's van
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was over at a friends house and ready to go home, i asked my friends dad if he’d give me a ride home. he said yes but then my friends mom (Julie) stopped him and said she’d take me. I have always thought of her as sortof sexy, she has red hair a pretty face and a good body because she excercises. we started to make conversation in the car, i cracked a few jokes as always. Then all of a sudden she asked “Scott, do you think i’m sexy?” I paused “umm…yes” “how sexy?” she asked “well…really sexy” “that’s good” she said…silence. we were about halfway to my house when she turned off onto a road thats leads to the city limits. I asked where she was going “Scott” she asked “I’m gonna show you what a backseat was really meant for” about then we got out of the city. She practically ordered me to get into the backseat, so naturally i did. once we were both in the back seat she got on her knees and took off her shirt. I felt her boobs thru her shirt, i could feel her nipples harden. She pushed my hands back and unfastened her Bra. I started sucking one nipple while rolling the other between my fingers. She started moaning really loud. I switch places with my hand and mouth. After about 5 minutes of that she said we’d had enough foreplay and told me to lay down and i did. she leaned over me to peel of my shirt and her knockers were dangling right in my face, man they were wigglin all over. She finally got my shirt off and then went for my pants. I was wearing khakis with a drawstring so it didnt take her long. then she took off her own pants, her panties were silk lace and beautiful but not as beautiful as the gorgeous shaved pussy i was about to see. she slipped out of them and revealed all. man it was beautiful. she lay down ontop of me and started kissing me. we explored eachothers mouths with our tounges. then she took my throbbing cock in her hand and thrust it into her cunt. my god it was good. unlike any masterbation ever. since my parents didnt expect me home for almost another hour we banged and banged eachother till we could take no more. now everytime i go over to Jasons house Julie takes me home early…

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