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Friend’s House

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Friend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My First Time

I had been masturbating for quite some time now. My first experience with it came from my bestfriend Scott. I was over camping at his house, when he and I discovered his father’s stock of Playboy magazines and were getting horny flipping through the pictures of naked women. We took a couple of armloads and went out to the tent we had set up in the back yard. As I’m looking through one of the magazines, Scott unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out of his pants and started stroking it. I was shocked and asked him what he was doing.

He told me that his dad showed him how to beat off, and now he would teach me. Scott and I were on the gymnastics team and we were both in great physical shape. His cock was long and hard and getting pumped by his hand. I pulled my cock out and started to match him stroke for stroke. Scott started to spurt his cum, some of which landed on my face and chest. I was shocked! I had never seen any cum before and was amazed at how much came out of my friend’s cock. Scott leaned over and licked some of his cum off of my chest and took his hand and put it into my mouth so that I could taste his cum.

I loved the salty tast of his spunk and I quickly came all over him. We each ate my cum off of him as well. My cock was limp until he reached over and took it in his hand and started to pull slowly on it. I stammered that I wasn’t gay, but he re-assured me that other guys on the team did it and his father had showed him how. He said his father and his friends all got together and did it and were married, so they couldn’t be gay.

He slipped my cock into his mouth and used his tongue t swirl around the head of my cock. I was as hard as a rock and could feel the cum building up in my balls, getting ready to splurt out again. I erupted into Scott’s mouth and he swallowed as much as he could. He then planted a deep wet kiss on my mouth, but it became more than just a friendly kiss. His tongue pushed some of my cum into my mouth and he was giving me a deep french kiss.

I was amazed at all that was happening. After he laid back on his sleeping bag, I moved over to take his cock into my mouth and return the favor. I tried to mimic what he had done to me. He winced when my teeth would nip is cock and he taught me the pointers of cock sucking. Scott cam quickly and blew his load into my mouth and I tried to swallow as much as I could, but some dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. Scott helped clean off my face and chest. We fell asleep amongst our soggy sleeping bags and the forgotten Playboy magazines.

Later, in the night, I awoke to Scott rubbing my his hand on my asshole. I tried to pretend that I was asleep, but I winced when he stuck his finger up my anus. He said that he was horny and wanted to show me what else his dad had taught him. He told me to get up on my hands and knees and relax my ass hole. He took some suntan lotion and lubed up my anus and rubbed some on his hard cock. He then started to push his cock into my tight anus. He kept telling me to relax my butt hole. He slowly pushed into my ass and I was amazed at the feelings it caused. My cock got hard as a rock and started to throb as he stroked back and forth in my ass. This felt amazing! Scott reached around and took my cock in his lubed hand and started to stroke me off as his cock buried itself deeper and deeper in my ass.

We erupted at the same time, he filled my ass full of cum and I shot all over the slleping bags. He pulled his cock out of my ass with a plop and offered it to me to lick clean. I enjoyed tasting his cum and my shit off of his cock. Turnabout is fair play and he greased his ass form me and finger fucked his ass while I lubed my cock. This time he laid on his back and put his legs over his head. I entered his ass hole and started to stroke into his ass. It was so tight. Scott said that fucking an ass was tighter than any pussy, even virgin pussy. Scott was known around school as a real women’s man and now I realized he was bi-sexual as well. I took his cock and pumped it as if it were me cock. We were really digging this and I could see us doing this for a long time to come. I erupted into Scott’s ass hole and a few seconds later he erupted and splattered cum across his chest. I collapsed down on top of him in a tired and gooey mess.

We both awoke early and ran out to his pool buck naked and jumped in to wash the love juices off our bodies before anyone else saw us. I knew that his dad would be really pissed off if he found the scummy sleeping bags so we threw those into the pool and cleaned them off and hung them on the clothesline to dry. We jumped back in the pool to play around some more before anyone woke up.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones up yet. Scott’s sister Sarah was spying on us from her bedroom window and was busy rubbing here pussy while watching us playing naked in the pool. She suited up in one of her most revealing bikinis and came down to the pool to tease us. Even at 16 years old, Sarah already had a great body. Her breasts were larger than her mom’s and she kept in shape working out at the gym. When we saw her we stayed in the deep end hoping she wouldn’t see us naked. She asked how sleeping in the tent was and that she was going to soak in the hot tub, and did we want to join her? We told her that we would stay in the pool, thanks. She came over to the edge of the pool and told us that if we did not join her in the hot tub, she would tell her parents that we were skinny dipping in the pool. We hustled over to the hot tub and quickly got in next to her.

She was eyeing our hard cocks and we were staring at her great tits. She decided that she should join us being naked and untied her top. I was boggled at seeing naked breasts on a live woman. She whipped her panties off just as quickly. She asked us who was going to be first. I was amazed to see Scott slide over to her other side and slip his hand into her cunt and start to rub her to an orgasm. She took his cock in one hand and mine in the other and start to stroke us off. Her hand felt amazing on my cock. I replaced Scott’s hand with mine inside he pussy. This was amazing, in one night I had lost my ass cherry to his best friend and now I was getting a handjob and masturbating one of the most popular girls in school.

I felt Sarah cum all over my hand. At this point both Scott and I erupted and shot our cum into the hot tub. Sarah then straddled Scott’s lap and took his hardening cock into her pussy. She stroked my cock until I was hard again and told me to take her in her ass hole. We were double penetrating my best friend’s sister. I could not believe what was happening to me. The hot water mixed with our bodies heat to make us hot and sweaty, but we kept pumping away.

We were building to an amazing climax, when I open my eyes, I got another shock! There stood my friend’s dad Frank, naked and with a raging hard on that he took and placed to Sarah’s lips. She hungrily opened her mouth and took his whole length into her mouth and began blowing her Dad. He held her head and was furiously fucking Sarah’s mouth. Scott came first, filling Sarah’s pussy and then I came in her ass. When her dad blew his load, he pulled out of her mouth and shot cum on her tits and onto my face and Scott’s hair. Their dad came bucket loads compared to Scott and my depleted stock. We were all covered with come.

Their dad told us to get out of the tub and lay down on the patio furniture. He told us to close our eyes for a surprise. I felt a tongue running over my face and opened my eyes to see Scott and Sarah’s mom Mary licking Frank’s cum from my face. I looked down her naked body at a trim, well defined body. Their mom may have been in her early forties, but was in great shape. She had small, pert breasts and a blonde patch of pussy hair to match her blonde hair. She was a true blonde. She was running her hands over my body and she began to stroke my cock back to life. Scott and his dad were lick and sucking on Sarah’s body. Scott was suckling her breasts and their dad was licking out Sarah’s pussy and ass hole, cleaning off our mingled cum. Sarah was writhing on the chaise lounge under the family tongue lashing that she was receiving. I was hard as a rock and loving the attention that Mary was giving me. She took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue was amazing and she obviously knew how to be a great cock sucker. She pushed a finger up my anus and I blew my load. She sucked for all she was worth and swallowed all of my cum.

Mary told me that Scott and Sarah were interested in bringing me into their tight knit circle and that they had planned this whole affair. I also found out that the whole family fucked and sucked each other and enjoyed incest. This was an amazing family!

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