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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It happened when I was sixteen, my friend Nancy had a beautifull new gown that I loved, yet I didnt have enough money for it.

Everything I did to raise some money to get one as well did not come off to well. Until I was talking with Nikka one of our schools exchange students. She asked what i was willing to do for the money. I said I will do anything for it.

She said she will meet me at my house after school, and will have the money if I will do her one favor. I told her to name it. “I want to eat your pussy.” I figured she was joking so I agreed. She never has shown any signs of being a lesbian before.

She came home with me, and my parents were gome, working late this night. Nikka had the money, 80.00 that I needed. Afte she gave me the money, she asked me to sit back on the couch, and lift up my skirt.

I just looked at her stupidly…she was sitting down on her knees before me, and pulling down her tank tops. Her small breasts looked soft, supple, and pink. When she licked her lips, I knew she had not been joking.

“come on, lift up your skirt, and I’ll do the rest.”So I did as she wanted, and flushed when she pulled down my panties. She then spread my legs apart, and started to rub my thighs on the inside. “this can’t be happening to me” I said. “Just enjoy it.” and she went to work on my pussy.

She had me cumming for my first time in five minutes, and she ate me out twice more over the next half hour.

After that, she worked with me on how to eat her pussy, it took me nearly thirty minutes to get her to cum for me.

So after that, I got the money for a dress, and Nikka got a new lover in the bargin. She spent the school year “studying ” with me. In more ways than one.

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