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Forced Sex

Where it happened: My house
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

This story is sort of bad but it was pleasure to me but I was to young.

My name is Amy I was almost ten like a month away. I had a boyfriend( just a friend). He and his name was Eric. I noticed him looking at me funny once in awhile but it didnt bother me.

One day at his house he said you want to learn something new. I thought what could happen. He put a blind fold on me. And told me this was going to be fun. I stood their blind folded. All of sudden I felt my pants unzipped. They were pulled down to my feet. Then my underwear. I heard him say young fresh pussy. He then slipped my shirt off. I felt his finger go up my pussy. Then blind folded he sat me on his lap then I realized he was not wearing pants eaither. Sitting on his dick he bounced around but it was hard for him sence I was young and tight. He bounced up and down what seemed like forever. I could feel his cum go in me. I was liking it but I didnt know if I should be doing this. Then after awhile he told me to go on all 4s. Then he put his dick in my ass. And grabbed my shoulder and fucked me from behind. I could here him moan as he fucked me.

After 3 hours of sex he told me not to tell no one that he tought me that. I asked him why he blind folded me. He said he didnt want me to see what I was going to in the beginning cause you wouldnt like what it looked like but you would like how it feels.

After that we fucked alot. Up till now he fucked me and got me pregnant and took off. He said he had to go to college.

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