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football frenzy

Age when it happend: 57
Where it happened: in the locker room of a football game
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well let me tell you about my first time fucking a girl, well it all started when i was playing football then all the sudden a nasty little girl; walked up and grabbed my cock right in the middle of a football game (I’m the quarterback.) As soon As I hiked the ball she tore off my pants and started to give me head. I instantly shot about a gallon of cum all over her she was soaked, then all the sudden I was tackled and I lost my hard on. When I was getting changed I went to the bathroom to take a shit. then out of nowhere she jumped out of the toilet And literally scared the shit out of me. I flushed the toilet and she went down into the sewer. But she didnt go away. when I went To my locker she smashed through my locker before I could open it. (It was locked) She was COMPLETELY NAKED. And very very horny. she then took off her panties and her shirt and bra. I cummed in my pants And it was dripping out the bottom of my pants. I started to eat her pussy through her panties. I was rusty at havin sex. (78 years to be exact.) About 70 gallons of pussy juice dripped out of her cunt. Then all the sudden a huge grizzly bear ripped out of The top floor window. And my girl decided to have a 3-way. The bear was a little rough fucking with us but it was nothing new to him. (Thats what he told me./) I threw my girl inside an oven as a form of serious forplay.( SHe liked it alot.) she screamed to turn it up full blast power. I did it was about 750 degrees but she loved it. Cus It was hot and steamy. so me and the bear went at it. It was fun I turned his black coat white with my cum!then I shot the bear in the head with my shotgun in my pocket. I took Out my girl from the oven about 70 days later on full blast. ( I had a hard on the whole time) she was still ready for me and my hard dick wanted her So we fucked for 92 hours exactly. She had 2 children Before we even fucked (She was 15) I am the ultimate pimp.

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