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Foot sex

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: back seat of car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND OF 13, WERE IN THE BACK OF MY MUMS CAR AND WE HAD JUST BEEN SHOPPING. MY MUM STOPPED TO GET SOMETHING AND LEFT US ALONE. She told me that her feet were really aching from all that walking we had been doing and asked me to give her a foot massage. GIRL’S FEET ARE A HUGE SEXUAL TURN ON FOR ME SO I AGREED. She took her shoes off and put her feet in my lap. i can still remember her pretty little feet. her toenails were painted a nice silvery colour, and i started to give her foot a massage. (she was really cute, with short blonde hair and really nice tits. i never got to see her pussy so i cant comment on that.) i sniffed her foot, and it smelled. although her feet were smelly, i didn’t mind. i felt all between her toes and started to lick them. between her toes was very sweaty. she put her other foot on my cock and started to rub. this got me really horny and i dropped my pants and grabbed her foot and started rubbin my dick all over it, and between her toes. it was great. she tried to pull aWAY and asked what i was doing and i said for her to carry on. she said no, it was weird, but i held her foot there and said “carry on bitch”. she said she liked my aggression and then got my cock between her feet and wanked it off. i came everywherein the car, and rubbed it all over her sweet feet. she giggled as i came. however, she didn’t giggle when i made her lick my cock clean and then make her suck her own toes. she dumped me a week after but i didn’t care. she was a slut, and i fulfilled my fetish dream with her.

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