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Flygal and Rugga

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: My Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I had always wanted to have sex but just kept waiting for the right guy, well he came into my life. This guy was the sweetest guy to have entered my life and one day we were just fooling around in my room when things started getting really heated, and I mean heated. We had been kissing and stuff but feelings just intensified as his hands roamed my body just as my hands roamed his. We were kissing so passionately and his hands were exploring my body finding my hard nipples and my wet pussy. I was in ecstasy when his mouth went onto my breasts and he was sucking on them when i felt a warm finger slide into my pussy and he begin fingering me. Im one of those shy girls usually but the sensation of him finger fucking me left me out of control and I groped his hard dick and began stroking him firmly up and down. I know he enjoyed that because of the look in his eyes and the groans issuing from his mouth. That turned me on so much that I decided then and there that this was the guy that I wanted to pop my cherry. I pushed him away and told him so that I wanted to have sex then and there. The look of concern on his face as he asked me if I was sure and that we didnt have to if I didnt want to assured me that he was the right one. My first time was gentle as he pushed me onto my back and spread my legs wide after I had assured him many times that this was what I wanted. He slowly slipped his wide cock into me inch by inch, I cried out in pain but when it was all inside me it felt so good. he thrusted in me for what seemed like eternity and it felt so good and I was moaning so loud and he was groaning and I orgasmed with his dick pumping in and out of me All of a sudden he shuddered and withdrew and stroked his dick up and down until finally spurting his cum all over my breasts and stomach Tha was my first time and since then we have had alot more practice and in so many different positions and places. This guy made me lose my inhibitions and for that Im thankful. Jeez without him I wouldnt have ever considered giving head even tho he always goes down on me but now I love giving head as well as fucking!!!

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