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first work experiace

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: office
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

i am 19 year old girl,just completed my studies last year and looked for a job experiance father got me a trial job in his friend’s office.I was supposed to work for the boss,s personal secretary substitute ,who was on leave for two months. on my first day i reached the office exact at 9.25 in the morning.But i aws surprised to know that boss was alraedy there.But there was further shocks in store for me,as i entered the room i was surprised to find a handsome guy in early twenties on the chair.Later on i found out that he was son of my father’s friend.
i was wearing tight skirt with aloose top. He gave me an inquisitive look and an professional smile.
I just managed to say good morning and returned to my seat.
After sometime he called me and explained me my job.I tried to concentrate and work in efficiant manner.It was a fter four -five days when he was struck in ameeting in the evening and i had to ramian there.after the day when we were about to leave he called me and offered to drop me.i accepted it with hesitation thinking of inconvienience to him.On the way he was very nice just enquiring about my family a little.I realized that i was getting more attracted to him.Next day i wore alow cut top along with mini skirt and reached office early.He gave me a silent look
when he came ans started usually. i sensed that he was gazing at my boobs when he was giving me dictation.occasionaly i bent further giving him further look.After lunch time he gave me certain work and asked to complete the same.I was so absorbed in the same that little i realised that all the staff was gone by the time i finished the job and went to him.He went thro’ the vpapers and complimented me.We sat to have a cup of coffee.and as he extended the same ,i don’t know intentionally or unintentionally it slpped on to his suit by me.i just pancked and tried to remove the stain with my handkerchief.
i went to bath room to get the cloth wet and suddenly realized that he had also come behind me. I could feel his breath on my ears but said nothing.
he just whispered in my ear”you know onething ,that you are very beautiful and sexy”
i was stunned as he took me in embrace and made me turn in his arms with my eyes closed. he kissed me hard and i felt the warm lips first time.
soon he lifted me up and took to the tableand removed my clothes.i was embrassed as i aws naked first time with a man.What followed was a pleasent experiance.i sucked my boobs very careingly and gave me my first fuck so lovingly and carefully that i just didnot feel the first time pain also. after that it was very pleasent month for us and we enjoyed a lot.that was my memorable month and we meet now also.i am working somewhere else now but that was my firsttime work experiance and love experiance.

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