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First time with brother and mom

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: At home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

My first time was with my brother. We lived with our mom because. Our dad left ages ago. My mom is 39 and5 ft 2 with 40 dd breasts and i am 17 and 5 ft 4 with 36 c breasts. I was in my room masturbating when my brother walked in anf said” chrissie i heard some moaning and i came to check up on you but… Chrissie are you a virigin?.” I said yes and he told me to come with him to moms room. Once we were there he kissed me full on the lips. He lay me down on the bed we made out again. I pushed away his lips and said” jake this is wrong”, i paused as he fondled my tits through my shirt. ” but it feels right.” ” Chrissie”, he said ” do you want to stay a virgin?” i said no. With that he took off my shirt and my hands went up to breasts. ” chrissie its me its fine”, he said. He syroked my hair as we made out. His warm embrace was comfort and i slowly moved my hands around him. He took off my bra and pinched my nipples and nibbled them and licked and kissed my breasts. I loved the feeling of him sucking the milk from my breasts. I unzipped his pants and ripped off his boxers and exposed his 8 inch hard cock. I had watched his pornos so i got on top and swallowed his dick. I fingered his balls and ran my tounge over his cock. After a minute he came and i swallowed his sweet cum. “chrissie im going to slide my dick into you okay?”. I was nervous. He eased his cock into me and started pumping. I grabbed the bed post and felt my cherry pop. I had sharp pain and then amazing pleasure. We both came just as mom walked into the room. Jake got up and went to mom and kissed her. I was in shock bit then i felt horny and started masturbating. Jake stripped mom naked and shoved his cock in her as he sucked her tits. They came after five minutes. Then mom said” lets help chrissie”. I laid down and jake ate me out while mom sucked on my tits. I came in jakes mouth and i made out with mom. Next mom ate me out while jake nursed me. Mom and i kissed and we both got on jake. Milk was dribiling from my chest and from moms. I nursed mom while jake ate her pussy. We switched and later mom and i fell asleep in jakes arms. I woke up with jake sucking my breasts. I asked him why he had sex with mom and he told me what happened. On my birthday a few weeks back, after i had gone to sleep, jake had gone to the bathroom and on the way back he saw mom walking out in the hallway. She was only wearing a lingerie. She asked jake to come with her. When they were in her room she asked jake if he would have sex with her because she hadnt been laid in a while. At first he said no, but she told him the story of how she had sex with her dad when she was 24. After that night mom and i found out we were both pregnant with jakes babies. We decided to keep the babies and give them up for adoption. We all had sex together while mom and i were pregnant and seperatley with jake too. It was hard for me but jake and mom were supportive. Jake and i have sex together still and i also have sex with mom, but the most fun os our threesomes. I love both mom and jake and jake and i might be having a secret wedding soon

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