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first time sex (male & female)

Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

my first time was complicated to say the least. I met the most amazing girl, and we planned to have our first sex eight and a half months after getting together. i had also developed feelings for a guy in my year. he was fit and really good looking, and he was also openly bisexual. one day, i bit the bullet and asked this guy if he’d ever been with a guy before. he said several, but not recently. he also winked at me. we got chatting, and we actually had a few things in common. we met a couple of days in a row and became quite friendly with eachother. one day, we decided to bunk off PE. we got changed with the other guys and then hid in a cubicle in the toilets. PE lasted 1 and a half hours, so we’d have some time to ourselves. when everyone had gone out, we went back into the changing room and just smiled at eachother. i think we both felt the same deep down, and we both wanted to take things further. we kissed briefly, and looked around guiltily, as though we expected someone to be there watching us. we kissed again. id never kissed another ‘man’ before ( we were both 16), but it felt great, not disimilar from kissing my girlfriend, although she doesnt have stubble! we began undressing eachother, until we were stood naked together. we fondled eachothers genitals and had brief blow jobs. then we decided to go straight for sex. neither of us had any condoms, but he did have a tub of vaseline for lubrication. he got himself hard and put on the vaseline, before slowly circling my anus with his penis. he gently pushed, and i felt his head slip inside me. we went for about 10 minutes before someone came in. we didnt really notice at first, because we thought it was just one of the lads going for a pee. turns out he’d been watching us for a while. i didnt notice hi until he tried to take a picture on hid mobile of us having sex. he even tried to get a real close shot of the penetration. i had my eyes closed and was enjoying being fucked when i felt this strange feeling, as though something was being pulled out of me. we had stopped fucking and he had pulled his penis out. he was swearing at the guy trying to photograph us, and he pushed him towards the door of the changing rooms. he looked hot even then, pushing another guy around with his cock still semi erect. the guy eventually left, and we got back to business. i eventually came and so did he, all over his stomach. we showered together afterwards. that evening i went round to my girlfriends house and we watched a film. then she reminded me that we were going to have sex. it was a wierd feeling knowing that id fucked a man before her, and on the same day too. i had no trouble getting another erection, and it was a completely different experience. she liked gripping my nuts as i thrusted, and it wasnt as fun as with the guy earlier on. i now think i am bi-sexual, and have had several more sexual encounters with the guy. I dont have a girlfriend at the moment, but there’s always something new around the corner…

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