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first time gay

Where it happened: In a park
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Category: Gay

I’ve enjoyed reading all these stories so I though I’d add mine to the list.

My first time was in park with my friend Eric. Me and Eric were walking home from a party talking about gays and stuff when he said something like “I wonder what it would be like”
and after talking about it we decided to do it in the big park on the way home.

We walked across a sports field into a bit that had lots of bushes and stuff, found a dark spot and sat down. We argued for a little bit over who was going to go first, although I didn’t mind so Eric decided he wanted to be fucked first.

Eric took off his pants and boxers and got down on his hands and kness. I took off mine too and kneeled down behind him. I had to stroke myself a bit to get hard but once I was I couldn’t keep it down 🙂 I then put some salaiva onto my hand and wiped it along Eric’s asshole. Then I put more onto my hand and wiped it all the way around my dick. We decided to use it as a lubricant as KY jelly isn’t something we carry around every day.

After I’d done all this I got right up close to Eric and gently pushed the tip of my dick into his ass. Eric moaned so I stopped once I got the head in and lef it for a bit before I started up again. It was real slow to go in at first, but once I started pumping in and out it started to get more slippery. Eric didn’t seem to be having a good time to start off with but said later that it got better the more I did it.

I was pumping Eric real hard and then I started to kinda clench up. I felt the muscles in my groin area go all funy and then I came really hard inside Eric. It didn’t take long but I guess that was because Eric was quite tight then, and I was doing something exotic.

I pulled out of Eric once I’d came, washed my dick off in a nearby drinking fountain and went back to where Eric was sitting down. I asked him how he felt and he told me that he was sore, but not bleeding which was good otherwise he would have had to go to hospital and we would have been found out (we live in a small town, where everybody knows you etc).

Eric told me that it was my turn now, so I got on my hands and knees like he had for me. Eric did as I did with his salaiva but instead of going into me gently like I did with him, he just forced his way in really hard and fast. I yelled out in pain, it felt like I had been stretched way too much too quickly, although the pain went away after a little while. Eric was really rough with me and it hurt a bit, but I started to get really turned on towards the end.

It didn’t take long for Eric to blow his load inside me and when he did, he rammed me so hard that my face ended up in the grass, although I didn’t mind at all as I was having quite a lot of fun by then.

Afterwards, I put my pants/boxers back on, Eric washed up and put his back on and we walked home. My ass felt really sore for the next few days but I enjoyed the experience as a whole.

We’ve continued to do it since on a semi-regular basis, although we’ve organised it better, and prepared ourselves properly. To this day, nobody knows about us

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