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First Time At Office

Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: Office
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Hi, I’m going to describe a story that happened to me 10 years ago, I was 23 and had been hired to work on a time-share division of a large chain of hotels, I came to my place and the first the first I saw is for a woman highly attractive brown hair, 1.68 mts, clear brown eyes and a body spectacular greeting me, his name Claudia, offered me a cup of coffee, she was 4 years older than me, however, the two became very good friends, she was the assistant head of collections, we were going out with friends and although I always told her nice compliment, not moved from there, always told me that although it aims to have a relationship dating never had success either because the man who liked were already married or because she caused no interest in others, for my part I always told her not to worry because a woman so attractive, sooner or later she will meet someone to love.

One Friday we went to a bar to lunch with other co-workers and then everyone took a little over the account and everything was fine up there, we returned to the office, had not reached our heads and we were alone and I sat in my seat and suddenly I was called by Claudia, turning to see her and gave me a kiss, which I response, without realizing it, we started fondling and started by massaging her breasts and she began rubbing my dick through my pants I could not believe it was the first time I did that in my workplace, suddenly the phone rang and Claudia had to answer, I cursed the moment, if I knew it was her boss telling her that He and my bosst had been summoned to a meeting at the corporate, so they would be at office until Monday, she smiled and gave me a look very sexy, hung up and gave me the news, to which She said, “what about it?” .

Without saying more, we went back to kissing, but this time I did follow her to the office of my boss, there I sat in his chair, She knelt and will look at me, and unzip my pants which came away from my penis to erect up to me and said, May I? And I answered Sure!, Began to lick with his tongue the head of my penis and then she blow me, I was dying and continued putting my penis in her mouth, she began to getting in the mouth ever faster , You know how after a couple of minutes I no longer stand the desire to fuck, so I asked her to let me eat her pussy, after that she and I are completely stripped.

I started by kissing this nice pair of breasts, and every time I went for my tongue his nipples she began to moan, little by little began to fall and kiss her stomach and navel, that brought the hottest and finally got up the pubic area and gave a few kisses on the thighs and little by little I moved closer to her vagina, I lick with my tongue her vaginal lips, she was super moist and tasted its sweet vaginal fluids, followed up position in their clitoris and playing with my tongue on it she moaned stronger and her voice told me don`t stop, her hands took me in the head and made me go up and down throughout her vagina until she had a strong and abundant orgasm, she said it was great and she loved my mouth, my tongue, but it made her suffer because she wanted to penetrate and that, I will not presume me penis is not huge, but I know how to use it, in order to claw back my penis and under her after a few kisses with her hand was guiding it toward her vagina, then I was slowly getting into the head of my penis in her vagina and grazing her clitoris, she kept saying, faster, harder,we were already above the desk of my boss, I pump in and out of her vagina ever faster, we last a couple of hours until when she was on her third orgasms, I finished an experiment a copious ejaculation in it. Finally, we kissed and we dress up. When we left the office It was dark.

We kept doing this while we had the chance.
After 2 years she moved to live in another state.

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