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First Time after divorce

Age when it happend: 29
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It was late fall. My joke of a marriage had fianlly crumbled at the end of summer, and I had been living in my car and cheap hotels. I know now there was nothing I could have done, my X just plain hated me, but at the time I was stupid, and kept blaming myself and stressing big time. I managed to focus on work, which is how I survived, taking showers there before anyone else showed up, and working until 9 or 10 every night. My X was still in town, throwing parties at “our” house, and having lots of men over. I knew I was not safe there and stayed away.

One night in October I went to a local bar. It was early and there weren’t very many people there. Two fine ladies came in and we began talking. One was especially friendly and had recently divorced herself. Her name was Debbie. She gave me some good advise and told me to stop being hard on myself and to have some fun. We eventually exchanged telephone numbers. My X finally high tailed it out of town, so I got to move back into my house, which helped my situation considerably. I also didn’t have to worry about being shot any more. A week later I had my day in court, and had telephoned Debbie to let her know. Court was a surreal joke, a real insult to what I had gone through, but I was now single again.

I was depressed and decided to cut fire wood early the next morning, so I went to bed at about 9:00. About midnight my doorbell rang and it was Debbie, YES! I was in my robe, and she was a little loaded, but said she wanted to congratulate me and wish me luck in my new life. She had connnections at the court house and one of them had given her the news. I told her she was sweet and gave her a big hug. Then she just stood there. I stared at her and smiled. She then said “well there is another reason I came by” I said “I really have no idea what you could possibly mean,” trying to be funny/sarcastic. She was standing in front of my sofa, and I could tell she was getting wound up. I let her stew a few seconds more. She started wringing her hands, and kept looking at the bottom of my robe, which was short. I very slowly stepped towards her, but was still a few feet away. I could hear her breathing now, and smell her perfume. I whispered “why don’t you relax and stay awhile”, she let out a gasp and reached for me. I grabed her hands, and held them, then slid my hands up along her arms, and around her back. We kissed, her toung was very active. She kicked off her shoes, and I grabbed her ass, slid into her, pushed and she fell back on the sofa. She could now see under my robe and stared at my officially free cock, standing at attention, and licked her lips. I dropped the robe, and was completely naked, she was entranced. We kissed for a long time, and she was saying things like “I can’t believe this”, “look at you, lover”, “this is gonna’ be great”. I took my time with each piece of clothing, and when she was naked, moved her to my bed. I was on her like a Labrador to a tennis ball, I licked her pussy for a long time. She came twice, and I kept at it. She was trying to work her way around to give me oral pleasure, and said “it’s my turn” but I just kept going. She gave in, and came again, then started saying “fuck me”, “I need you now”….I fucked her hard and steady for hours. She eventually passed out, but I was rock hard all night, and stayed inside of her. In her sleep she would move onto me, and I would just gently rock back into her. She must have come six times in her sleep this way. About 4:00 a.m. she woke up and was on fire for more sex, she must have been dreaming of it. I still took my time with her, licking her again, and then, after starting slowly, fucked her hard but slow. She became delierous, and starting speaking nonsense swear words and phrases like “fuck me fucker”, “all night baby”, and “this is what I need”. Figuring she was into it, I was happy to continue. We were still at it when the sun came up. I made her breakfast. She said she was sore, and needed to get some sleep, but really thanked me for a wonderful night. I told her the pleasure was all mine, and that she had really helped me that night. She was gone when I returned with the truck full of wood, but had washed the sheets and made the bed.

We parted ways soon after, but I owe her a debt of honor and love for a most timely and affectionate gift when I was really in bad shape. I had more/better sex in one night then the whole three years of lousy marriage, and that served to illustrate the better times ahead.

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