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first time

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: at his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

my boyfriend who was 19 at the time..had recently got a new place and wanted me to see it. so we got to his house..and after showing me around we decided to sit on the couch and watch television for awhile. i leaned against him while he held me, and before i knew it my lips were softly pressed against his. i layed down and had him lay on top of me, his body in between my legs. we dry humped for awhile..making me extremly wet. time passed and he asked if i wanted to go to his room. so i went in to his room..i layed on the bed..and like before..i had him lay on top of me and dry hump me. he slowly undid his pants and layed on his back so i could give him a blow job. he was so hard..after sucking on his cock for awhile, i got up and layed on top of him. body rubbing against his cock. he started grinding his body slowly against mine..but then it got faster and faster..then he came. i turned on my back and asked him if he had a condom. he nodded his head and got up to go get one while i took off my pants. when he came back he was so eager he started licking my pussy..even though i still had my panties on. before i knew it i had my panties off and he was trying to get his cock into my tight as hell pussy. he slowly pushed it in..trying to get the head in was the hardest part…lets just say he wasnt that small. i took a lot of time, patience, and pain to get him all the way in.
he kissed me and told me he was so proud of me. he started pushing his cock in and out of my pssy..making me moan..then he started pounding his body against mine..his hard hot cock pumping in and out of my wet pussy. he pulled out when he came even though he was wearing a condom..he just wanted to be safe. after we had sex we layed in bed in talked. it will be an experience ill never forget.

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