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First taste

Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: Hotel Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had been married for a few years, but the marriage had really
gone sour. My husband was more interested in outside activities,
and reliving his teens, and while he was still interested in
having sex with me, I knew that he was probably having an affair.

That’s when I met Rick. He was older — and married. We talked
a lot. One day, my husband had managed to tick me off to the
point where I was absolutely furious. I ran into Rick. We
talked, and he listened to how pissed off I was. He jokingly
suggested that we should go to a motel and “blow-off” some steam.
I think he was just kidding, but when I said, “ok, let’s go”
he had to agree.

I did wonder what in the heck I was doing, but I was really
getting VERY excited. He checked in, then we drove around
to the room.

When we got into the room, he said we could take it as slow as
I wanted, but I surprised myself by throwing my arms around him
and kissing him wholeheartedly.

Everything escalated. He and I attacked each other. We kissed
deeply and ran our hands over each other’s bodies. When we were
were undressed, we stood against the bed. I ran my hands over his
body and let my mouth follow. As I got lower, I sat on the edge of
the bed.

Now, I’d been around, and had done plenty, but there was one thing
I’d always wanted to do, and for one reason or another, I’d
never done. I always enjoyed giving a guy a blow job, but
I’d never had a guy cum in my mouth. I knew it had to be the
ultimate experience. I love watching a guy cum (I’ve developed a
bit of a fetish in watching his cum explode out, and over me..
mmmm..but that’s not this story).

Mind you, it’s not that I didn’t have opportunities to try,
but some guys have a hang up about it, and then others..well,
I’m one girl who, if you ask me if you can cum in my mouth, I’ll
probably say no. However, if you just do it, well…

Anyway, I kind of let my mouth and hands wander their way down
to his raging hard-on. I love looking at a guy’s hard cock.
It makes me wet to just look at one. I love the way they are
so rigid. Then they leak pre-cum. Some more than others, but
all are guilty.

This one was no exception. I started licking him. All over the
head. He started moaning. That turns me on, to hear a guy
moaning about what I’m doing to him…I felt his hands in my hair
pulling me further down. I did my best to swallow as much as
I could, but he was too long to fit him all in. I started sliding
my mouth back and forth over him. His precum tasted so delicious!

I licked all over, sucked on him, and slid over faster and
faster. He moaned harder, and pulled me hard against him. I
gagged, but I think he just enjoyed that more. I’ve been told
since then that some guys really like to hear and feel a girl
gagging on them…hmmm..interesting.

I felt his whole body tense, then I felt the underside of his
cock pulsate as I barely tasted the cum that hit the back of
my throat with an intense force. I swallowed as fast as I
could, not wanting to miss a single drop. I licked him clean.
I’d finally gotten what I wanted. Of course, I sucked him
back to life right away afterward

I found many ways to make him cum in my mouth. In the car,
while he tried to drive…making him have to pull over before he
hit something! Oh, the thrill I must have given to truck drivers!
In many different hotel rooms. In other people’s houses. While
he was talking on the phone to his wife (oh, that’s fun!)

I’ve developed quite a taste for cum. But I love a guy’s cum
no matter how I get it. I like to eat it, wear it, and feel
it deep inside of me. I love to look up at a guy as I go down
on him…like he can’t believe what he’s feeling! Most of all,
I love to watch him cum!

So if I ever get my hands on you…you might as well give up
and give in, cuz I’ll blow your mind!

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