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First Penis

Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: Hot Tub at Condo Complex
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Mark and I had been friends since about 1978. We were both in high school and both worked for the same company part time. By 1985 we had developed a good friendship, spending a lot of time together, just two normal heterosexual guys with a lot in common. I was completely heterosexual and had no reason to believe Mark was anything but. (I had had several girlfriends throughout grade school starting in 4th grade, *finally* getting pussy in 11th and 12th grade. (My 12th grade girlfriend and I would make out for hours while she gave me some of the best handjobs possible – but that’s another story.) By the summer of 1985 I had moved out of the house and was living in a condo near Mark and his family, going to college. We continued to spend a lot of time together, just hanging out, etc., but now that I had my own place now, we were able to hang out away from family, brothers, sisters, etc. Sometimes late at night we’d go up to the condo complex’s hot tub and stay if it was totally deserted. Being a horny 22 year old without a girlfriend for the four years since high school, I would sometimes slip off my bathing suit under the bubbles, and play with my dick and balls. The bubbles felt sooo good in the hot bubbly water. After a while Mark caught on to what I was doing and did the same. And while we didn’t openly acknowledge our nakedness, we knew what the other was doing and neither of us went anywhere close to the other. Each of us stayed at complete opposite sides of the hot tub at all times. We were just hot tubbin’ it, with nothing below the chest visible due to the flood of bubbles in the dark, unlit hot tub. As the summer 1985 wore on, though, being without a girlfriend began to wear on my emotional and physical needs. (And maybe Mark’s, too, I don’t know. He was never one to talk about his feelings.) Despair (and masturbate) as I might, there was an unmet need for human contact that was getting stronger inside me. And despite my intense desire to have a girlfriend, I was never any good at meeting girls outside of grade school.

With each trip to the hot tub that summer, the distance and boundaries between Mark and I shrank. I would come away from the walls of the hot tub and venture into the middle of the hot tub, treading water in a low, crouching position so as to hide any parts below my chest. Then Mark would do the same, but only one person at a time would do this. Venturing away from the walls like this, being quite a risk to my heterosexuality, would give me quite a rock hard boner. One night later in the summer, I got bolder. In addition to treading water in a crouching position, I decided to stand up, allowing the head of my erect penis stick out above the surface of the water. I felt like I was proudly proclaiming, “I’ve got a dick! Check out this manly almost-six-incher.” My feelings of superiority didn’t last long, though, when Mark responded in kind and stood up. Up from the depths of the hot tub came a giant sea snake, the size of which I’d never seen before. It was huge (and uncircumcised) compared to mine. Seeing it exploded my curiosity and a strong impulse took hold of me. When his sea monster came up again for air, I reached out and gently grabbed his penis. I grabbed it by the shaft and held its warmth. It was so big my grip barely made it all the way around. The shaft felt hot, firm, smooth and massive. It felt like it could be a powerful tool when put to use. I let go. A moment later, Mark’s large hand was fondling my erect shaft. It felt nice. I had made the human contact I needed. Doing so, though, made me feel as though I had betrayed my own sexuality and I felt guilty for it. Despite my guilt and shame, though, by the end of the summer of 1985, Mark and I had progressed to taking the feelings developed in the hot tub each night back to my bedroom at the condo. We would masturbate together and give each other handjobs. I admit it felt good – until after the orgasm, when shame and guilt would overtake me.

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