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First gay encounter

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

My parents were away for the weekend. My best friend Matt decided to spend the night. Matt is 5’7 with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. We decided to call it the night and go to bed. Matt then asked if I would mind if he slept in his underwear. I said no. When he took off his pants and was wearing tighty whiteys, I got an instant hardon. Finally, as we were lying in bed, I found the courage to tell him that I had fantasizing about him for a long time. I then asked if I could give him a hand job. He said ok, but that we shouldn’t tell anyone else about it. Finally, as I pulled off his underwear there was his beautiful cock. I started to pump it slowly, then had the urge to suck him. After about 5 minutes, he told me he was cumming. There was no way I would go that far and not swallow. After i wiped the corners of my mouth, he asked if I had ever been buttfucked. I told him no, but that his dick would be perfect for me. I took off my boxers and got on all fours. He put some lotion on his dick and on my anus, put his dick inside me and pumped away.After about ten minutes of sheer pleasure he announced he was cumming. i told him to unload inside and he did. Afterwards, I held him close to my side throughout the night. Since that expierence 4 years ago, we are still best friends and lovers, having fucked about 200 times.

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