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First Cum

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Boyfriend's car
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This was my first time for a lot of things then. I was only 15 and had told my parents I was at a girlfriend’s house. But, I was really with my boyfriend who was 17 at the time and in his car. I wasn’t sup[pose to be seeing him. My mom told me he was much too old for me. I didn’t care. To me, I loved him. I had been seeing him like this for almost a month and we had been kissing each other a lot. But, on this night, it went much farther.

While we were kissing my boyfriend started rubbing his hand on my boobs which really felt good. He then put his hand up my dress and started to rub his fingers on my pussy. But, I had started my period that morning and all he felt was my pad. I told him that I had started my period and was bleeding real bad. He didn’t want anything to do with that and he pulled his hand away from my pussy. But, he then started running his hand on my legs. Feeling them seemed to really get him turned on. He ask if I could touch him there. I nervously reached over and put my hand on his crotch and I could feel his penis in his pants and it was real hard. He then undid his pants and pushed them down to his knees showing me his penis. This was the first hard penis I’d ever seen live. I again put my hand around it. He let out a moan and laid back in his seat. I knew about hand jobs although I’d never given one. So, I started stroking it. I did this for awhile and he was really loving it. He then said to me “I’m going to come” and his whole body shook and I got to see a boy squirt his cum for the first time. It went all over his shirt. It ended running down over my hand. I got to have a close look and feel of it and I was so fascinated by it. I was thinking to myself that this is what makes girl’s pregnant.

My parents finally found out that I’d been lying to them and that ended my seeing him. He quickly got another girlfriend. I’m sure she was also giving him handjobs. It was another year before I got to give another boy a handjob and see him come.

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