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First Cousin Sex

Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: His House
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My cousin, 28 at the time, and I 24, got it on good one night. He was and is my best looking cousin, tall 6’2″ 180 pounds, the real “tall, dark and handsome guy”. Very tan, long legs and a great great ass. We had always been best of cousin friends. I was at least a foot short than he, cute and not a knock out but cute and even sexy. We had stayed together for 3 weeks at his house. I had work in his area and took him up on his hosiptality and stayed in his extra bedroom. We were, at the time, both single, and also no bf or gf. He treated me very nicely and even took me out for dinner, to local bars, and often it seemed like a date? After being with him, and his friends, he treating me like one of the guys, for nearly 2 weeks, i was getting somewhat horny? He had many handsome friends, but none as handsome as he. One night, after coming home from a small town bar, we walked into the house, i said that “tonight even you are looking good to me!” He replied that “that you have always looked good to me, but we are cousins” I took that as a compliment, and a positive, but “we ARE cousins” as a negative. One day as he, I and a few friends cooked out, my cousin was carrying in the food, in both hands one of his friends yanked his shorts down. But they weren’t shorts, but a bathing suit and here he stood food in both hands and his shorts down past his knees and his dong visible to all. He was going to drop the food to get his shorts up. His friends all headed into the house, so i went to his rescue. In retrospect, I should have just grabbed the plates, but instead knelt in front of him and pulled his shorts back up, when i pulled his dong hit me in the chin. He thanked me and apoligized for his jerk friends. He was embaressed, and even blushed. His cock sure looked good, real good since i had not had any sex for nearly a month. And i knew he hadn’t had any girlfriends over since i had stayed with him. That night he took me to another local spot, but i had forgotten my ID, they wouldn’t let me in. I was very young looking, small in stature, 32 a boobs, etc. I often could pass as 16-17 years old. He even knew the guy at the door, but they just couldn’t let me in without and id. I said I would drive myself home and he could stay with his friends. He said no and that he would also go home. I was his guest. I was proud of him, and also happy he was going home with me. On the way home I again said, even though there were alot of good looking guys there i still think you were the most handsome, and even though you are my cousin, you are starting to look pretty good to me! As we got home we both went to our separate bedrooms and got undressed. I knew he wouldn’t make the first move, and i was scared to make the first move on him? I didn’t know what to do, I was horny as hell thinking about actually touching his dick, even if it was an accident. He called for me, and asked what day i was going home? I said day after tomorrow, why? well i am going to miss you, it has been fun having you here. I said thanks, i will miss you too. he said its been much like when we were kids staying over night at each others house. and i said yah except then we use to sleep together, and he said yah thats right why don’t you come over here? i almost creamed my panties right then. i said are you sure, and he said i am sure if you are sure. I had on only his tshirt and panties. I jumped in bed with him, and could feel his hard cock though his underwear! He laughed and said what would our mothers say if the knew this? we both laughed. i was hoping he would just reach right down and slide his hand into my panties, but then i thought how embarassed i would be when he felt how wet i already was? I said thanks this has been really fun for me to stay with you, and very nice of you to let me. he said you are welcome. he said how old were we the last time we slept together, and i said i think we must have like 12 and 8 i guess? he said remember when we would take baths together? i said yes, and he said how about when we use to show us mine if you show me yours? I laughed and said yup i do. there was a couple minutes and i didn’t want him to fall asleep, so i just said well you showed me yours today, do you want to see mine now? He turned over and yes i do want to see, let me see. he got the remote, and turned on the TV, and muted the sound. it filled the room with just enought light. i was kinda nervous, but i sat up and took off my tshirt, and he said nice very nice. i said i am sure you have seen alot bigger, and he said well yah, but never any better looking one. then he said that is not really what he wanted to see the most. i blushed, and i was scared that i was so wet he would know i had hoped this would happened. i said no we better not, he said come on a deal is a deal, and remember i HAVE seen it before? i said i know but i was like 10 at the most then and he said he was 13 or 14 and even back then he thought about doing it with me. i said really, and he said yes. i leaned over and kissed his cheek, and he leaned over and started kissing and sucking my boobs, it was heaven. i laid back and he rolled over on top of me and we made out, humping and humping, he with his underwear on and me with just my panties. finally he said i am still waiting to see yours, i stood up right in front of him on the bed and pulled my light blue panties down he reached up and stuck his finger right on my clit i sighed loudly. he said it looks just as he remember all these years, just a little more hair. I was not really very hairy down there and had only a small patch up and down my crack, and i was a blond and it was rather blond down there too. he quickly pulled his underwear down and i saw my first sight of his hard dick. just as beautiful as when i had seen it in the yard only like 5 times bigger! He started by pushing me down and eating my pussy until i had cum twice then got me close to my third, then i was begging him to fuck me, i wanted him on top and i told him to get it in me he did and he fucked me and we fucked each other until just about dawn. i ended up stay like 4 more days and we did it every night, and for the third night i shave my pussy completely, and when we saw it he asked me do i remember the night at my house we played doctor and i told i did, and he said he wanted to do it again. he played with my pussy lips, and spread them to expose my clit. years ago my clit was just there this time it was erect, hard, wet, and super senstive. that night with him call it my “little girl pussy” i had the best sex of my life, the best ever with my first cousin. It was my first and only sex with my cousins and he was my first cousin. i cryed when i had to leave his house and go home, we never did it again, and i don’t think ever really talked about it? It lasted for like 5-6 nights and I KNOW i had 25 orgasisms!! And him too! I was lucky i didn’t get pregant, we paid no attention to my period, him pulling out or any type of birth control. most of the nights, but the first one for sure, i NEVER had more cum come out of me than my cousin deposited there. My cousin had pumped me full of cum for almost a solid week!

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