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Field of Love

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Outside
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Finn was the first person I ever truly loved. He was the first guy
that allowed to touch me, that I allowed to hold me, that I allowed to love me.
It felt like I had waited for Finn my entire life, and all the times that I had
passed up on going out with other guys because I was to scared seemed worth it, nothing
could take away the feeling that I got when he looked into my eyes and told me that
I was the only thing in life that he wanted and that he loved me more then anything.
The night it happened, things hadn’t been going so well, Finn and I had gotten into an
arguement about him going to college, I decided to stay close to home, and he wanted to go 8 states over.
I told him that it was his life and that he should go, but he looked at me and kept saying he couldn’t leave me
here. I said, “I don’t want to be the thing the thing that holds you back! I don’t want to be the reason you made the biggest mistake of your life!”,
then things blew up, tears, shouts, it ended with me running from his house, to upset to speak. I started to cut
across the field leading to my house when it started to down pour, my luck couldn’t have seemed to get any
worse. Then I had the tires drive up, Finn drove his truck up past me and stopped short, jumping from the vechile.
I’ll admit it, despite my anger then, looking back it was very romantic. He run up and grabbed my arms. Finn said, “Jewels, I love you! I’ll leave if you
want me too, I’d do anything for you, but don’t think for one moment that I’ll ever stop loving you, NEVER THINK THAT! Because I won’t!” and then he kissed me.
It was in that moment right then and there that I knew this was it, this was the moment that had scared me and thrilled me all at the same time. We fell to the wet grass and continued to kiss, then I pulled
away and said, “Finn, I want to,” he looked at me, I could see he was a little scared, “Are you sure?” he replied back. I shook my head and kissed him.
We had love in the middle of the field under the raindrops.
I thought after having sex for the first time that I’d feel dirty or incomplete knowing that I had lost something I had carried with me for 18 long years, but that night after it all when Finn held me. I knew that
I done the right thing, he loved me and I loved him, it was all perfect. And we’re still together.

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