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“Female Bonding”

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

so her comes this girl into my clinic. i have been there for 5 years, and my boss tells me i have to train this girl, well we got along really great, we had so much in common. we clit (i mean clicked) right away, we had so much in common with our sex fantacies, we had both thought about being with another woman! which is the best thing i have ever done!!! the BEST!!! i had been dating this guy for about 5 years, and me and him had always wanted to have a 3-some. but we were never sure how to ask a third party. well after about 4 months of talking with this girl at work i felt like she was the one, but I wanted her all to myself! i had this fantacy of kissing another girl! so after 4 months my boyfriend encouraged me to do it, ask her if she wanted to try something like that! well i did, she wanted to, and i thought that was just awesome! so on a friday nite, we went to a movie, both knowing what was going to happen whenever we go back to my place!! the movie was boring, we just had too much on our minds. so anyway, i had a lil bit of liquor at my place, we got a lil drunk, played a sex game with dice! and i ended up doing all the rolling and all the doing on her! i got so aroused! so after a few hours of kissing i went down on her, the whole thing was that she wasnt going to go down on me! just me on her! she was going to play with me and use toys, but i guess she got so turned on by what was going on that she ended up going down on me! omg it was great! i loved feeling her HOT, MOIST mouth on my hard, enlarged clit! she sucked on my clit, mmmm she was great. our tastes was something you had to get used to but, i loved her taste! and even 8 months later she taste just as good as the first nite, we are still together today, things couldnt be better! me and my boyfriend decided that things werent working out cuz he was at college and we just grew apart from each other. but we are still cool, we hang out all the time, and we will never lose our friendship, NEVER! the best thing about my girlfriend’s body is her tits!!! i love her tits, but not as much as i love her!!! I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!

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