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Feeling Lonely

Where it happened: At Home
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well, here goes….
My girlfriend and I had been dating for about 10 months when she broke up with me. We had been really close emotionally and physically, but I had never gone all the way with her. I was upset but not totally devistated at the breakup, I just wasn’t ready for a new relationship.
A friend of mine, who I was pretty sure liked me, had also broken up with her boyfriend recently and so we spent a lot of time talking since we could relate to each others situations. She asked me out, but just as friends, and it was really cool to hang out with her as a friend and not as a girlfriend. Well, after we had been “together” for about 2 months, my parents went out of town for a long weekend so of course I invited her over. She came over wearing the hottest outfit, but at first (since we had just been hanging out and not really doing anything) I didn’t think anything about it.
Well, I put in a movie and we were just talking and she said “This is boring, let’s do something more fun.” And I was like “Well, what did you have in mind?” And she said “Truth or Dare.” I went first and chose dare and she dared me to kiss her. I didn’t think anything of it and went to peck her on the lips, but when our lips met there was just this connection and we started kissing, and then frenching. We were making out pretty heavy when I started to go up her shirt. She said “Let me help you with that,” and took off her shirt. I was starting to get pretty hard and she started massaging my dick through my shorts. She asked if there was somewhere more comfortable to go so I told her we could go to my room. We started to go upstairs but only made it halfway up before we started making out again. She laid down on top of me and took off my shirt and starting running her hands all over my chest. After some work we finally made it to my room, she immediately took off my shorts and starting rubbing my dick through my boxers. I slipped her pants off and massaged her pussy through her panties. Then all the sudden she said “Dare me.” So I said, “I dare you to give me head.” She tore off my boxers and deep throated me right there. It felt so great I felt like I had been there for hours but it was only a few minutes and I blew my load in her mouth. I then said “Your turn,” and she said “Return the favor,” so I started to eat her out – she orgasmed once and then rotated into a 69 position so she could get me hard again, which she did while having another orgasm. She then slid her legs apart and said “Take me now,” so who was I to argue? I started out slow – oh, but it felt so good! She came again fairly quickly and since I had already shot one load it took me a while – we ended up cumming at the same time.
We are still really good friends and we have had sex twice since then – if you are reading this I love you babe!

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