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exploring each other

Age when it happend: 10 maybe
Where it happened: Freinds house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well, I was over at my freinds house, and we were going to shower. Her mom let us shower together. We went in the bathroom and after her mom left we got naked. My freind, Kacey, told me that she sometimes looked at her private parts with a mirror under her. She showed me, and I observed her parts…I had been a horny kid for a long time. I masturbated(and still do) every time I get in the shower with the massage setting, at least two or three times, each shower, friom about age seve. We had also done other stuff, like sticking a hosepipe in eachothers batheing suits, and we talked about sex alot, just kind of joking around, and we also stuck ice inside of ourselves. We were pretty close though. Anyways, she did that, and I tried it too. Then we got in the bath. She suggested that we ‘explore’ each other. So we did. I went first. She told me to lean back against the tub and put my legs on the edges, so I did. She stuck her fingers in my vagina just a little bit, and stroked up and down. She was just looking around. I remember feeling kind of uncormfortable, and thinking it felt like she was moving stuff around. Then she let me do her. She said something like “You can keep going, you wont hurt me.” And I was just kind of like…OK….. So I felt around a little, I didn’t really pay attention, I was kind of weirded out. Then we dried off and I went home. I know that doesn’t really sound like sex, but I consider it my first time…just because it’s kind of special to me. I am not gay though, I know because a guy I like at my school, I when I think of him, I picture him slamming him dick in me and me screaming and crying…. which, for me, is a turn on, because I want my first time with a guy to be really rough and painful for me.

But anyway, this story is true. It might seem hard to believe, but it really happened….

Thanks for reading 🙂

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