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Where it happened: lots of places
Langauge: English
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Well, I was at a sleepover at my friend, Leslie’s house. We were talking about the latest crushes, etc., Leslie had to go to the bathroom, she was gone but a , when her older brother came in. He was pretty good looking, 6′, Tan, Blond Hair, Brown Eyes, just perfect. We started talking, and somehow, it came to sex. He was asking how far I had gotten with boys, and if I was a virgin. He saw my embarassment, and changed the subject. When I left Leslie’s house the next morning, I was thinking about Chris(his name), and how much he was asking me. That day, the phone rang, it was Chris! He said to meet him at his house(Leslie and her parents were going to the hospital to see their old friend who was dying of cancer.)When I showed up, he said, “Hey, just in time” We sat on the couch and he said, “I’m gonna show you all about sexuality” boy was I surprised, but I said ok. He said “the first lesson is kissing, lets demonstrate” He started to kiss me. The feeling that came over me was undescribable. It got hevier, soon he forgot all about the “Lessons”, and just started rubbing my breasts through my shirt. A tingling sensation came over me, I could see the bulge in his jeans as he took my shirt and bra off. As he sucked them, I felt the waves of pure pleasure that came over me. He then started rubbing my pussy ever so gently. I started to moan a little bit, and was getting more and more wet by the minute. Soon, my panties were tossed on the floor. He slowly spread my legs, and opened the swollen lips to my waiting cunt, already oozing with love juices. He slowly put a finger in and worked it around, and it was nice, then we fucked

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