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Ex girl friend

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This story is a little hard to believe, but it is true. I have been thinking about my ex girl friend alot latley. She is only 14, but very mature! I just turned 17 so the age gap is not to bad…

One day I was driving by her house and noticed there were no cars at home. She lives at home with her mom. I decided to stop, and see if I could get in her house! I went through the back fence too the back door. I knocked… no answer…I felt the door handle and it was un-locked! I could not resist the urge to “go on in” so I did. I hollered out her name…no answer, so I proceeded to go up stairs to her room. While we were dating i had never been in it so I was curious. It was a big mess. There were clothes everywear. Some clean and folded on her bed, and dirty ones spread all over the place. I noticed a pair of her panties on the bed. They were red satin with a little string on the side. I never new she wore such pretty panties! I was never lucky enough to do more than kiss and feel her up. I was curious to know what other sexy panties she had, so I proceeded to her pantie drawer. It was not the top! It was in the middle. When I found it I was very shocked. She had a few (3-4) pairs of very sexy satin string panties. The others were all CARTOONS!!! she had mickey mouse, Taz, tweety bird, and a ton more! She probley had 30 pairs of underwear…I decided to steal a pair of each! so I grabed a pair of satin strings with flowers and shoved them down my pants…( I was so scared I was not even hard ) then I took a pair with Tweety Bird on them. As I was turning around, and pushing then into my pants Rachelle walked in!!!!! I did not no what to say. She had just gotten of the bus from school. She said what the hell are you doing in my house? And what are You doing with my panties? I just said: I have been thinking about you so much, I wanted to come get a suvenier of yours to help me remember you. She said: does this mean you have been thinking of me like I have been thinking of you? I said I have been fantasizing about you and I having sex!
( I laid the cartoon panties on the bed) She said : so do you like my panties? I said yes very much… I’d love to see the ones you have on now! She just laughed… Then she said she would make me a deal!!! She would not tell anyone if I would go back out with her! I gladly said I would love to be back together. She is very small, so when I reached to give her a hug I picked her up… Being right in front of the bed she threw all her weight back and I fell on top of her on the bed. I ask her wear her mom was? she said she was at work till 5:00. Since it was only alound 3:30 We had alot of time. I slowly started to make out with her, Gradually getting very turned on. she made a coment about being hat, so I started taking her shirt off. Then she took mine off. I then started kissing her little “A” cup tits. she said to me: Can we just skip all this? I was very confused, but gladly ask? Do you want to have sex? She said Yes, but I’m scared. I told her I would be very gentle, and if it hurt to bad we could stop. She agreed, and I sat up and started taking off my clothes.(The panties I stold feel out of my boxers, and I pushed them under the bed.) She just laid there and made me take hers off. I got down to her panties and saw that she had on a beautiful pair of Joe Boxers with a Blue Camo print….They were so sexy. I removed them, And tried to finger her to get her wet. This was her first time, And she thought it was mine. I got her good and wet, but there was no way my 7 inch dick was going in. She screamed out in pain every time I tried. Finaly after alot of fingering, and a little pushing I got the head in. If I would have worn a condom, It would have only broke at this point anyway. She said it hurt bad, but she did not want to stop. It took 3-4 more min. before I could get it in about 3 more inches…When I felt it bump somthing…I ask her if she was ready and she said YES! I pushed really hard, and there it went…no more virgin———-Blood came slowley flowing out on to her bed. She said her arms went numb. I continued to fuck her for 6 – 8 more minutes before I was ready to cum. I was un-able to pull out in time, and shot my load Deep inside her…She felt it and said Please tell me you did not get off insde me! I told her I did, But o well. She was pissed, a scared untill she got her period a week later. We are still dateing and I have turned her into a fuck machine… I still NEVER use a rubber, but now i always pull out!

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