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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: bar in korea
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well i am in the U.S. Army and my first duty station was at Camp Red Cloud korea. In korea there are several bars with what is called juicy girls they will get naked and stuff if you buy them a drink “buy me drinkee” well there was this bar right off post that was the only entertainment for our post since we were so far up north and i had started to get to know some of this juicy girl’s one of them her name was anna decided she had a thing for me and it just so happened that her roommate was dating my best friend at the time so we decided to stay the night. I didnt really like anna but i was tired of being a virgin i mean i had, had my dick sucked a lot but no pussy play so i agreed. There was one little problem we had, had a third guy with us so that night when we decided to go to bed, my friend slept with his girlfriend me and the third guy slept in a bed and anna on a couch. The next morning anna came over and sat my me and just to let her know i wanted to fuck i started fooling around with her tits and her ass so she started giving me head as the third guy was asleep and the other couple asleep
Finally the third guy decided he had to leave and get back on post with that anna went running to the door locked it and before she had even made it back to the bed she had stripped herself completely naked she hopped in bed i asked if she had any condoms, she said no, but i was to drunk to care so i said fuck it. The first nut came from missionary and i quickly discovered that it was quite boring that way after all since i decided i wanted to fuck i made her go doggy, and the on top and then i went up th “dirt road” she was crying when i did this cuz it hurt i didnt really care cuz i had no feelings at all for her in fact i think her pussy was really shitty, she wanted me to come back the next day to wax that ass, but i quickly decided i didnt want to waste any more nuts on her, i saved them all for my friend at the time and now my fiancee she is so perfect and her pussy is a 1000 times better plus i love her. so there it is my virginity up in smoke, i cant say i regret it cuz the whole time i was fucking anna my friend with the girlfriend was awake and when we got back on post he told everybody and some how i ended up being like a “dirk Digler”
The End.

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