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Where it happened: in my apartment
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It started out on a normal Saturday. Me and Tony were hanging around my apartment with nothing to do. He was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper and I walked into the room and sat down beside him after putting some laundry to wash. He turned to face me and I put my arm around his neck and scooted closer to him. “Liz, I’ve been thinking about you ever since I woke up this morning.”
“You have?” I asked as he started kissing my neck.
“Mmm hmm.” He moaned when my hands traveled down his chest. They then continued down his stomach and around his waist. I placed both hands on his lower back and pulled him on top of me as he fell back onto the couch. I moaned when I felt the tip of his tongue sliding along my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and his tongue immediately went in and collided with mine. My tongue thrusted forward and followed his back into his sweet mouth. Now it was Tony’s turn to moan as my tongue moved above his own, then underneath it, and then finally colliding with the tip of it again. My tongue went back out and Tony broke the kiss. “Wow!” I said.
“Yeah I agree!” he laughed. He brought his hand up to my face and ran it through my blond hair before placing it behind my head. “I love you.”
“I love you too. So much,” I replied as I pulled him down to me and kissed him again. As our tongues engaged in another heated session, I slipped my hands underneath his shirt. I felt him shiver as I ran my hands up and down his back, then around his waist and over his hard nipples. My hands then went to the bottom of his shirt. I broke the kiss and pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. He smiled. He let his hand travel down my shoulders to my chest. He covered my mouth with his own and I moaned as his hand covered my tit. He gave it a gentle squeeze and continued down my stomach and hips, finally stopping at the bottom of my daisy duke shorts. He slid his hand under my shorts and moved it up. I moaned as his hand stopped at the bottom of my panties.
“What’s that?” he asked breathlessly as he removed his hand from under my shorts.
“The washing machine.” I answered as I sat up. “I’ll be right back,” I added before I got up and headed to the laundry room. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I wanted him so much it hurt. He was so fucking hot! I closed the dryer door and turned it on. I was surprised when I turned around and he bumped into me. He wrapped his arms around my waist to keep me from falling. “What are you doing in here?” “I couldn’t wait any longer.” he said as he gave me a hot kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth. He pulled back and broke the kiss. “I want you right now.”he said. “Oh Tony. I want you too. Make love to me.”
He pulled me even closer to him and kissed me deeply. I moaned when I felt his hands travel down toward my ass. He cupped my ass and moved his hands around my waist to the button of my shorts. He undid the button and unzipped them. I let out a loud moan as he let a finger slip under the top of my dark red satin panties. His finger moved down to my pussy and he slowly tangled it in my blond curls.
“Oh Tony,” I moaned as I grabbed onto his shoulders and arched against his hand. God I was so fuckin wet! His other hand moved to my tits as he began to kiss my neck. He sucked on her earlobe as he slipped his finger inside my soaking wet pussy. I frantically ran my hands through his hair and started rocking against his moving finger. “OHHH TONY!!!” I moaned. He removed his hand and yanked my shorts down. I stepped out of them and moved back to him.
He kissed me hard and placed his hands underneath my ass, pulling me up and placing me on the dryer. I ran my hands over his hard nipples before lowering them to his jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped them before pulling them down with my hands, then with my feet. He stepped out of them and I smiled as he stood there only with his silk black boxers on. “God you’re so fucking hot!” I said. I raised an eyebrow and chucked. “Yeah well you look pretty fucking good yourself sitting on that dryer in that t-shirt and panties.” He grabbed my legs and moved closer to me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and scooted to the edge of the dryer. I grabbed his face and started kissing him passionately. “Mmmm” I moaned, man did he know how to kiss. He moved his hands over my breasts and down to the edge of my shirt. He pulled it up and over my head. He placed his hands behind me and leaned back as he massaged and kneaded my tits. He kissed me quickly before letting his lips go lower down my chest.
“Toonnnnnyyyy!!” I yelled as he took my tit into his mouth. He ran his tongue over my hardened nipple before gently latching on and sucking. “Yes…oh Tony” I moaned as I felt my pussy become more wetter.
“Mmm..you taste so sweet,” Tony moaned as his mouth moved to my other tit and he repeated his actions. “So sweet..”
“Oooohhh..” I moaned. I placed my hands on his shoulders and pressed myself into him. “Ooh Elizabeth.” Tony deeply moaned. I knew he could feel all of me through my now soaking wet dark red satin panties. I rocked my hips into him and moaned. I could feel every inch of his rock hard cock throbbing against me. Tony wrapped his arms around my waist and deeply kissed me. His hands slipped under the back of my panties and I let out a low throaty moan as he squeezed my ass. “Oh yes! Tony, MORE!” I then slightly lifted myself up as Tony slid my panties over my hips and down my legs, letting them fall to the floor.
I ran my hands down his shoulders and chest. I pinched his nipple and held it between my thumb and pointer finger. I then placed my mouth where my fingers were. I rubbed it with my tongue and gently nipped it using my teeth. “Mmm..Elizabeth, you know I like that.” Tony moaned.
I ran my hands down his hard stomach. I ran my fingers through his “happy trail” and under the waistband of his silk boxers. I grabbed them and yanked them down to his knees, then they fell to the floor. “Impatient are we?” He chucked. “Yes!!” I moaned as I touched the head of his cock. God it felt soooo damn good. I moved my hands up and down his cock, which was throbbing against my small hands. “Ooohhh Liz!!..ohhh Yes..just like that!.” Tony yelled. I stopped and gave him a gentle squeeze. “God Liz, you make me feel so good…I think it’s time I returned the favor,” he added as he pushed me back against the dryer and kissed me. He placed his hands on the dryer next to my hips as his lips left her mouth and moved to my neck. He gently sucked on my ear and moved towards my breasts. I moaned when I felt his tongue run down the area between my tits.. “Mmm..Tony, yes. I need more” I added when his tongue explored her navel. He circled it before moving down even further.
I gasped when I felt Tony’s hot breath against my blond curls. He let out a gentle blow and then kissed me there. “ohh yes,” I moaned. He then ran his tongue up and down my pussy teasing me expertly. “TONY!!” I shouted as I tangled my hands in his slick hair and held his head to me.
“You like the way that feels don’t you bitch?” Tony seductively asked.
“HELL YEAH!” I loudly moaned as I arched against his moving tongue. “Good,” he replied. “Cuz I’m not finished yet.” With that his tongue thrusted inside me and began to move. I gasped and lightly began rocking against his tongue. “Oh Tony,” I moaned as I gripped his hair and started panting for air. Tony’s aphrodisiac movements were simply too much for me. “OH MY GOD!!” I screamed as the most wonderfully intense orgasm shot through my aroused body. I arched backwards as my body lightly shook with the best orgasm.
He finished cleaning me and kissed his way back up my body. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as his lips traveled up my neck. “Mmm,” he whispered in my ear. I shuttered as I felt his hot breath against my ear. My pussy started to soak again as Tony traced my ear with his expert tongue. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my legs around his. “God I love you!” Tony yelled as he picked me up off the dryer and carried me to the bedroom, kissing me the whole time. He pushed the door closed and backed me up against it. I arched into him and moaned. He removed his hands from her waist and moved them up to her breasts. “Hmm..Tony!” I moaned as his strong hands massaged my tits. “I can’t wait anymore! Make love to me NOW!”
Tony grabbed me and took me to the bed. He gently laid me down and stood up to admire my beautiful naked body. “You’re so amazing,” he said as he lay down next to me. I turned on my side and kissed him. We both moaned as our tongues dueled against each other. Tony placed one hand on my knee and ran it up my thigh. I shivered as his hand brushed up against my hip and then up my ribs. He then slid his hand under my neck and pushed me on my back. I broke the kiss and moaned as he covered my heated body with his own. He settled himself between my thighs as I wrapped my arms around him. I placed one hand behind his neck and brought his lips down to meet mine. The kiss was sweet and full of love. He pulled back and looked at me. He started to kiss me again. His cock slowly started moving within me while his tounge invaded my mouth. I kissed him back with equal passion as I matched his every thrust. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and placed my feet on his calves.
He began moving faster as we continued kissing. He let his free hand move to my tit. I moaned when I felt his fingers play with my already hardened nipple. I ran my hands down his sweaty back and held him as I moved against him. Tony broke the kiss and buried his face against my neck as he continued pounding into her. “OH TONY!” I deeply moaned as I felt another orgasm coming. I moved my hands to his ass and pushed him even deeper inside me . “GOD ELIZABETH!” Tony panted as he started to lose control. He moved as fast as he could inside me as I kneaded his ass and held him to me. One deep final thrust sent us both going into intense orgasms! “OH GOD TONY!!!!” I screamed. “ELIZABETH!!!!” Tony shouted as his cock overflowed with cum. We stayed like that, holding onto each other, sweat glistening down their bodies. The only thing that could be heard was heavy breathing and fast heartbeats. I ran my hand through his hair as our breathing eventually calmed down. He raised his head from my chest to meet my gaze. “I love you, Tony.” I told him. “I love you too Liz.” he told me. The End.

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