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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: the bath
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My very first time, that’s one year now, was un unforgettable one that I’ll never regret.
I had planned to spend the weekend with my boyfriend Heraldo. He said he was home alone that weekend and so we could party two days long.
So the fridaynight, around 9pm I rang at Heraldo’s door; none opened. But I was sure he was home, so I went to the backyard and knocked on the door.
-He shouted to me: Please come in Beth, but don’t be
He stood behind the door, completely naked.
-You’re rather direct. What do you mean with this? Want a
fucking weekend or what?
-We could always give it a try. Beth, I love you! I’ve
just been watching a pornmovie, I’m hot and I really would
like to share this feeling with you. Do you mind?
-I don’t know. I’ve never had sex with anyone.

But actually I didn’t mind giving it a try.
We started french kissing, in the beginning very calm, but always more violently and heavier. He brought me to the staircase because he wanted to bring me to his room. Half the way, on the stair he stopped, came over me and started unbuttoning my blouse, unzipped my bra and violently shook my tits.
-If you ndon’t like this then stop me because I don’t have
the power to quit, Beth. Wanna go on?
-Yes Heraldo.
He started licking them, almost bit them.
After a little he stopped and took me upstairs…. to the bathingroom.
-I was just about having a bath.
-Let’s have it together, I proposed.

There in the bath it happened. I lay on my back; he was on me, kissing me and rubbing my whole body: his fingers had found the narrow pass-by to my inner intimate place, and started to thrill my little clit.

-You can do it if you want. Take me Heraldo!

Without any interruption, without a slightly pause he stopped fingering me, took his harden cock in his hand and brought it on my legs. First he masturbated a little more by rubbing himself against my body, then pushed it inside.

I srewled out of pain. He had hurt me so much and I cried. With every move he did it hurted more and more. If he wanted to get out it hurted somewhat more, so that i asked him to stay in me without moving.

-Right , I’ll have to spit in you then. If I keep my sex in your bloody cunt then I’m getting really too hot, and as I don’t have put a condom I’ll lose it al in you.

Too late. He started moving. It hurted again, but he couldn’t stop it. Suddenly the semen spread out in my whole pelvis, in my vagina in my wholoe body.

The pain seemed to be gone.

-Go on now. the pain is gone!! Take me like you’ve always dreamt it.

He started to move faster, quicker and a sigh of big relief, of the highest emotion, the highest passion, came out of my mouth.

He surfed on my body, went down on me. The water in the bath splashed up and wet everything around. I moaned.

I groaned so loud that our neighbours may have heard it.

even when after some 20 minutes he got slap again, he stayed in me, what gave a strange feeling.

He came in me 3 times. Can you believe this, THREE TIMES. During almost one hour he stayed in my body. A whole hour long i felt his soften and then his harden cock in me…. throbbing and pomping to spit out the sperm….

His legs moved ad if he where a fish.
He also turned me aroundso that he could come in lme deeper and deeper and take me harder.

My cunt deepened all time long: whereas in the beginning he could barely bring his penis in me, now his balls swept on my body!!!!!

Heraldo was wonderful.

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