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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It happened so long ago, when the world was so much more innocent and life was a lot simpler.Every word you read here will be true, unlike a lot of the other stories. I was nearly 17, and she was nearly 30, a friend of my parents. It was summer, and we were at a lakeside picnic. She was short, five feet nothing, with long black hair and large breasts. I offered to row her around the lake, and she accepted. There I was, rowing while facing her in her (very) cutoff jeans. I was wearing shorts also, and began to get an erection when I saw her pubic hair peeking out from her shorts. I said “You are driving me crazy with those shorts”. She just giggled. The next day I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride, and she said yes. We went to a wooded area in the mountains, and we both knew where we’d end up. We lay down on a big rock and I looked over into her eyes and without a word, kissed her long and slowly and sweetly. I removed her halter top, and saw an adult woman’s breasts for the first time. I gently licked them, and her nipples became erect. I guided her hand to my rock hard penis, and when she unzipped my pants it popped out like a watchspring. She began to masturbate me, and I wanted to do the same to her. When I got my hand inside her panties she said “Nooooo, you’ll get me pregnant as hell!” So I let her play with my penis, which she did with wild abandon. I arched my back in the air, and came in huge spurts while she grinned wickedly. We held each other for a long time, but she still would not allow me access to her lovely pussy. I had to be content with the wonderful aroma on my hand until a few days later. I showed up at her house, and as soon as she closed the door behind me we fell into each other’s arms and slowly undressed each other. We never made it to her bed. I know now that she ust have been past her fertile days, as she allowed me full access this time. I licked her beautiful and fragrant pussy until she was quite wet, and then got on my knees between her legs. As I slowly inserted my hard cock into her, it felt like heaven! I don’t think I lasted more than a minute or two, but I knew enough to pull out. I pumped my hot sperm onto her pubic hair and collapsed next to her. She took it upon herself to be my teacher, and taught me well. She taught me delay of my orgasm, how to treat women in bed and out, she taught me that a gentleman does not talk about who he is sleeping with, and to always put a woman’s pleasure before my own and to always protect a woman from unwanted pregnancy. She taught me that sometimes the best sex is a back rub (before and after!) to always give chocolate to a woman in distress, and to surprise her by doing her laundry or dishes sometimes. Our affair continued for about a year. I married another woman many years later and, as she was a virgin, was able to mold her into the sex vixen she is today. We have a wonderful sex life (and marriage) because of what I learned. Every man should have an older lover to teach him about life, love, and sex. I have never cheated on my wife, though I think about it sometimes. I have a friend who has a young daughter. She is comfortable enough with me that she told me when she got her first period last year. I entertain fantasies of making love to her to pass on the many things I have learned. She is very horny and would probably have zero resistance if I were to pursue it.

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