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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Motel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My older sister lived in Alaska with her husband and two kids. She was 26 and ten years older than me and had come to Mom and Dad’s place to stay with us in Seattle for two weeks during school vacation.

There was this real cute guy who lived next door to us who I had been hitting on forever, but without making much progress. He was about 19 or something like that and on this particular Saturday morning, when just my sister and I were at home and her kids had gone with Grandma and Grandpa to the zoo this guy next door began to mow their lawn. He was hot! Like he was sexy hot! He was wearing just a pair of shorts and his body just made me wet and wanting to masturbate as I watched him through the upstairs bedroom window in my PJ’s.

That was when my older sister came and joined me, and said the same things I was thinking, and that she would really ‘like to fuck him’! We kidded with each other as we watched him, and then she whistled and hid behind the curtain and then he looked up at me and caught me in the window and waved. I waved back, and then cussed my stupid sister for doing that to me. She thought that it was funny!

The flirting continued between the three of us, my sister and I in our PJ’s and he out there in his sexy swim shorts, and then my sister invited him over to come and look at something for us. He came over. My sister was like a whore and was all over him, and then asked if he would come upstairs to look at the leaky shower faucet in my bathroom (it had been like that for months).

They went upstairs as the phone rang, and I answered it, and then I spent the next 15 or 20 minutes talking to one of my friends.

They didn’t come back down the stairs, and so when I was finished talking I went upstairs to find them, then heard the panting and the gasps and realized to my horror that they were fucking!

Quietly I opened up my bedroom door, and then snuck into my room, and then it was I saw him through the crack of the partly open shower door! His butt was naked and I could see her leg wrapped round him as he fucked her!

I left! I didn’t want for them to see me!

I didn’t tell her and acted really normal when they came down the stairs. I told them that I’d just got off the phone.

The following afternoon my sister’s husband arrived from Anchorage to fly back home with them and to spend a couple of days with the family. That night I heard them fucking several times and could not help but think about the way that she had cheated on him just the day before, and wondered how he’d feel if he knew.

They went home, and though I tried to get the boy next door to notice me, and maybe get to second base it didn’t happen, and I felt jealous of the fact that he had done it with my sister and not with me.

That all happened back in June, and then in August I traveled up to Alaska to spend three weeks with my sister and her husband.

The weather was really bad and raining lots when I arrived at the airport in Anchorage and my sister hadn’t come with him to the airport, having stayed at home with the kids while her husband came to pick me up.

It was about two hundred miles back to where they lived and we were traveling at night in the driving rain. In the middle of the pass we found out that there had been a slide up on the road ahead and had ended up being fortunate enough to find a room at a motel.

There was only just one motel room left for us to stay in, and I remembered clearly what my sister had done to him and thought about such ways as I could take out my revenge on her for having seduced the guy next door.

He said that he would sleep on the sofa. I said the bed was big enough for both of us, and told him that we didn’t need to tell my sister. He seemed okay with it, and then I took a shower, and then I called to him when I had done and asked for him to get a towel for me.

I was sure to be naked when he walked in and saw me standing there without a stitch of clothing. He looked at me and said that I looked cute, then left and went back in the room. I thought that he had acted like he wasn’t interested, and thenI came out with a towel wrapped round my middle and my hair, and then reached into my suitcase for my PJ’s. He was watching television as I then took the towel off, allowing for my breasts and well developed nipples to be seen as I then unfolded the PJ’s and then put them on, and I wondered if he still thought of me as his wife’s little sister? After all, I had already decided by now that I wanted to seduce him, and fuck him like my sister fucked the boy next door!

As he showered I got into the double bed and waited. He finished and turned off the light and got into the bed, and then we started talking and as we did we started getting closer to each other. His hand touched me upon the arm. My knee then rubbed against his thigh. His hand began to rub my neck and then my shoulders and I moved across real close to him to let him rub my back.

That was how it started. It hardly took him long to feel my thighs and feel the fur around my crotch, and the wetness which now flowed from my young pussy, and then my hand caressed his cock as then he fingered me as we were kissing and he realized that the hymen was still there.

I told him not to stop and stroked his cock. He suggested that we shouldn’t. I said it was okay and told him that I wanted him to do it.

A while later he went down on me and used his tongue. My clitoris responded. I had done it to a boy before and made him cum and squirt into my mouth, but never had it done to me before! I started to react, his finger now inside of me just like a cock as though we fucked!

Suddenly it seemed he’d had enough, he could not wait; and then he mounted me, my thighs spread wide apart as then his cock went in and pushed against the hymen; and then a moment after that he took me, all six inches, maybe more I wasn’t sure!

We fucked, and then when it was over he said that he was sorry. I told him that I wanted him to do it.

We did it several times throughout the next two days, while waiting for the roadway to be opened. I even did it once with him while standing in the shower, and thought about the boy back home who fucked his wife. I wanted to be fucked the way he fucked her, and maybe just pretend just once that it was him who did it to me. I wondered if his cock might feel the same! I knew I was a whore the way I thought! We’d fuck, then shower, and we’d fuck. His cock went hard each time it touched my cunt. We hardly ate, and to this day I’m still not certain how many times his cock went in me those two days; how many times we fucked our brains out in that isolated motel room where we’d stopped!

My sister greeted us enthusiastically, concerned that were both okay, and feeling sorry for us that we’d been stranded for so long.

Anyway, for those who might be interested that was how I lost my virginity.

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