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Easy money?

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: In bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

My mom didn’t have much money or a job. She hooked up with this guy named Chad. He bought us food and cloths and paid some of our bills. After a month he asked my mom if he could take pictures of my sister and me. Stephanie was 13, My name is Gina, I was 12 when this happened. Mom said you have to pay, $20 an hour, each. He said lets get started. He told us to take a shower and put on these almost see-through nighties. Mom started to say nothing nasty. He said go in the other room until I’m done. He took about 3 rolls of pictures and said thats it. We didn’t have to strip. Mom gave us $5 each and took the rest. 3 days later he wanted more, he told us $40 each for an hour. Steph asked him to tell mom it was still $20 and let us have the other $20. He agreed. This time we had to act sexy and pull the nightie up and let him see our titties. It went OK. A week later again we made a deal. $50 an hour, each, mom gets $20 of it from each. This time we had to get naked and play with ourselfs. He showed us pix of other kids doing the same stuff. 3 more times and we had money for nice stuff, mom was doing OK, I think she started hooking. Well to make a long story short he got pictures of us in the 69, blowing him, him eating us, and then him FUCKING both of us. He said it wasn’t rape, we sold it to him. My mom and sister kept doing it with other guys for money. I stopped. I didn’t fuck again for three years. My sister dropped out of school but I’m doing OK. Don’t let guys take pictures of you naked, he’ll try to fuck.

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