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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: 1941 Chev
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I had known Betsy for almost 7 years, but we had never dated. We had dated others, but never each other. Early in my senior year of high school, I walked into History class and sat down. Betsy was sitting in the seat immediately behind me. I positioned my right arm over the back of my seat and my hand brushed against her knee. I squeezed her knee and she said, “Maybe it is good we never dated”.

After class I said that I would come out to her house that evening and she replied, “That would be great?”

That evening I was very anxious to get to her house, which was on a farm about 5 miles from town. About 7 I drove into their yard and went to the house. Betsy was finishing up doing the dishes, so I helped her by drying the dishes.

Betsy was a beautiful young girl. She was about 5 ft. 2, 100 lbs, had two erect and nice sized breasts and a very stimulating ass. She was a “good looker”.

After we were done,we started to go outside by gong down a short stair well to the back door. I stopped about half way down and turned around. Betsy was about eight inches shorter than me, so our faces were then at the same level. I put my arms around her and kissed her. It was a very long and passionate kiss. She opened her mouth wide and her tongue was doing a dance in my mouth. I returned the motion as I felt her breast pressing against my chest. In addition she thrust her hips against me and my manhood was hard and stiff. I pulled her as close as I could and rubbed my hard dick against her pelvis.

We finally stopped our kiss and moved out to the steps at the back of the house. It was cool and I placed my arm around Betsy and we began to kiss again. My hand slid down to her side and the sleevless blouse alowed my fingers to side along side of her breast. It was so soft and yet firm.

I mentioned that it was kind of cool and whould she like to get into the car. She said yes and we moved to the front seat of my 1941 Chev. We continued our kissing and I slowly pulled her bouse out from under her skirt. My hands soon moved up her body to her breasts. I slipped her bra over her breasts. They were so warm, firm and soft that I could hardly contain myself. I held her in my lap and began kissing and sucking on them. She was soon moaning and I move my hand to her thigh and began pulling on her panties. She lifted her body, so I could remove them. When my hand moved to her love nest, I found a hot moist nest. By this time my dick was about to punch a hole in her back. I slid her off of my lap and removed the horn cover. I had been keeping a condom there for a long time hoping for what was finally happening. I opened my jeans and placed the condom over my hot hard and long dick. I was planning on laying her on the front seat and mounting her, but before I could do that, she sat on my lap facing me and proceeded to place my hard dick into her hot pussy. When it slid into her hot pussy, I almost shot straight through the roof of the car. It was a feeling I had never experience in my life. She immediately began pumping on my hard dick and I was soon responding to each thrust with my own. I told her she was the first girl to satisfy me and she asked if I liked it. I naturally responded with a hearty “YES”. After a few minutes of thrusting, I asked her if she had come. She replied yes and wanted to know if I had. I had, but my dick remained hard and I was enjoying it so much, I hesitated before I said yes.

We were soon at the back door and after a long goodnight kiss, I left.

We made love three more times that year. After graduation,we both went our separate ways, but we see each other occasionally. I would still like to make love to her again. She was the most passionate, sensitive and loving woman I have ever know.

Needless to say my first time was very, very pleasant and one I wish I could repeat.

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