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Drunk/Stupid & Knocked Up

Age when it happend: 12 Almost 13
Where it happened: Cousin's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was about two months before I turned 13 and I was spending the weekend with my cousin at my Aunt & Uncles house. Sarah was 15 and had a boyfriend Rick. My Aunt and Uncle had gone out on Saturday night and after they left Sarah called her boyfriend and told him and another guy to come over. Rick was 18 and the friend he brought was 17. When they got there they had a case of beer with them and Sarah told me they did it a lot. I was a little apprehensive but figured things would be ok. I had never drank before so after a couple of beers I was getting a good buzz. Ricks friend Brad was a great looking guy and I was enjoying the attention he was giving me. We had been kissing but nothing else. After the third beer I was really drunk and when Brad unbuttoned my blouse I didn’t resist. Sarah and Rick were in the chair across the room and Brad and I were on the sofa. Sarah and Rick were very drunk too and when Sarah noticed what Brad was doing she cheered “Go Sherry”. I was so drunk that I wasn’t doing anything to discourage Brad and he was french kissing me which intensified things. The next thing I knew Brad was laying on top of me and had his hand up my skirt. When he touched me between the legs I got very excited and frenched him really passionately. About that time I heard Sarah say ” Sherry’s gonna get it “. I guess that encouraged Brad and he stood up and pulled my panties down and got his penis out. Sarah told him to go for it and he got between my legs and pushed against me. At first there was some pain but after he got all the way in it went away and I was really enjoying it. I remember hearing Sarah tell Brad not to come in me and I really didn’t know what she meant. Brad was telling me to move my hips and I started doing it and all of a sudden he let out a big moan and slowed down what he had been doing. I heard Sarah say” Shit !! you didn’t stop did you ? and Brad told her no. When he pulled out Sarah took me to the bathroom and helped me clean up and washed me out the best she could. She ask me if I knew what he had done and I told her we had had sex and she said but do you know he came in you. She started asking me questions about my period and things that I didn’t really understand then I remember her telling Brad that I was probably fertile as hell. Well…..she was right on that….next thing I know I don’t have a period for two months and when I told Sarah she freaked that I hadn’t told her sooner. By the time I got up the nerve to say anything to my parents I was about 3 1/2 months pregnant. I had the most beautiful little girl you evr saw but I gave her up for adoption.

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