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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

It happened one night at my friend Ashley house. Her parents werent home and it was just me, Ashley, her brother Brinton, and Brintons friend Jerry.
We we all sitting in the den watcing a movie, Ashley and I were sitting on the couch and Brinton on the floor leaning on the couch by my legs. I began running my fingers through Brintons long curly hair and massaging his shoulders, I could tell he enjoyed it from the lump in his shorts. After a while ashley got up to talk with her boyfriend on the phone. I continued to run my fingers through Brintons hair and after a whil he stood up, grabbed my by my hand and told me to follow him. I reluctantly followed him to the basement where the waterbed was. He layed me down and began to kiss me. I felt akward at first, making out with my best friends brother, but i moved that though aside. I felt down to his waist and began to pull his shirt off, this broke the kiss for a moment, then we were back to it. AS his hands began to creep up my shirt i started to pull it off. After some struggle his pants and mine were off, his dick pressing against my lege, his tounge in my mouth and his hand on my breast. He then started kissing down my neck, my breast and my stomach and began to eat me out, it was the greastest sensation i ever felt. After he was done i felt i had to return the favor and i began to suck his cock. We didnt have sex that time but later that night:

Some of Brintons friends came over with a couple bottles of vodka and such. Brinton and I took out own bottle up to Brintons room. He decided to get comfortable by removing all his clothes except his boxers. We took some shots and again started kissing. All of our clothes were off and he began to eat me out again, not to climax this time. His mouth came back up to mine and we continued kissing, he reached over to the side table and grabbed a condom. He then stuck his cock in me and began to push up and down, it hurt me at first but he did it so easily and smoothly the pain went away. He stopped several times to ask me if i was ok and everytime i answered yes. He was obviously experianced at this. We both reached our climax at about the same time and we layed there in bed for awhile, with our arms arund each other, kissing softly.

After we went down stairs Brinton went off to drink with his friends and Ashley and I sat in the den with some alcohol of our own. She took one look at me and said ” No way….you didnt” all i could do was nod, “Oh shit” she exclaimed. That night, or actually early the next moring Brinton and I fell asleep wth each other and woke up together in each others arms.

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